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Promote your Design Submissions here! :)

After recently submitting my first design here on Threadless (It's still in the running, see below for link),

Home Protection

I've found it gets a few hits at the start, but then sort of gets lost and doesn't get seen.

I think other people just starting on here who don't have too many followers are noticing the same thing, but unfortunately this is leading to alot of self promoting spamming on other people's submissions, which isn't cool.

So I thought I'd give people a chance to link to their submissions on this blog, so they can have a legitimate way to keep their hard work being seen and voted on, without doing the wrong thing and offending the rest of the community.

So yeah, please feel free to post your submitted designs here, and good luck! :)


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If you are available, I would appreciate that you voted on my design, thanks. Yes, something are always difficult, and people always tell me those are impossible. But , I still want to try, at least it won't be a pity that I make no attempt to beat the target. Wish all my friends happiness no matter what way you choice.

The Third work: Try

The Fourth work: I love cat.

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

Hello guys, If u have a spare 30 seconds could you please pop over and comment and rate these two pieces. Much love to everyone in advance and good luck to all :-)

and - Please let me know if you get this because lots of people i know dont :-(

Micpus :-)

Genghis Krahn

Here's my 'BREAKING DEAD' design (Breaking Bad / Walking Dead crossover). I have one day left for scoring! Would appreciate some love. Thank y'all kindly!

My design: 'Breaking Dead'


my design is glowing in the dark and this is for iphone case challange, give me some support, $5 maybe? please :)


Hi ! it's my first submission ever to threadless so it'd be really awesome if you could vote and tell me what you think so I can improve ! thanks a lot ! it's really awesome that you made this thread.


My first accepted design is part of the spiderman challenge, any votes and comments are appreciated!!

View my design


mattwill profile pic Alumni

Hey guys, have another submission that doesn't have many votes/submissions too far. Hope you guys can help!

Fowl in Flight

1 design submitted -

Hi everyone,

Here are my 4 subs I have up for scoring.

If you could please score and comments, I will do the same to your subs.

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

Red Fox

Blue Star


Red Flares


This is my first submission here - The Cat. Would love to gather some feedback. Thanks! ;)


If you are available, I would appreciate that you voted on my design, thanks. Hope you'll like it. New1: Eiffel Tower


Hi :) this is my first design that got accepted, I would appreciate it a lot if folks could help me out by voting for the design :

Scoring !! The Weather Today

Thx a lot !


My submission to iPhone cases challenge:



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