Fusiiiion TOAST !

  • by Boo_22
  • posted Feb 17, 2012

Watch this

for dragon ball fans :)rnin black or white or any dark color


any suggestions? anything about the background ?


Ha! Funny! Cute design.:-) Maybe, just give more depth to the "pow" symbol. Could you please check out my design, "Mr. Mom." Thank you!

Generic Human

Very cute idea. And very cute illustration. I would make the eyebrows darker, because they get lost a bit further away. The "pow" sign is a little jarring. I don't remember how it looked on the show, but it might need some more details.

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so, anything to do with the background ?

Generic Human

Well, I would give it more of the arc that it has in the DB picture. It could arc around your guys more, so it works to encompass your characters rather than being a separate element, which is how it seems now.


i'd add more light/effects like glow or shade to the picture... but still a good tee! :):):):)

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I agree with generic human try to make it look more like it looks in the series, just to make it even more obvious what it is. As a fan of the show though I love this design and I think it's hilarious, just make a few of the changes suggested here and it should be good to go!

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so , i need to change the background and add shading to the characters ?


This is great. Unleash the power of the peanuts and the jellies! If you have time, would you help me out by scoring my submission in the running? Thanks so much!


actually i dont know what to do with the background but i fix the arc and add some shading. waht do you think about it ?


anything to add ?


Cool idea! I agree, it would be great if the bread had a bread-y texture, also I feel like the purple background detracts from the purple jam, since they're the same color. Maybe the background could be light blue, or light brown, or something?

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Maybe the eye colour needs to be in the darker mustard and darker purple colour or same grey as used in mouth? I agree on the bread texture also. Jam or Jelly (depending on where your from) could use some shine to make it look sticky.) I guess it is weather you want it to look 3D or just flat? Purple background also isn't quite right colour, light blue would make design pop.


only thing throwing me off about this design would be the stroke around the mouth on the peanut butter slice. makes the mouth pop out too much in my opinion. maybe use a similar black stroke in another spot on the pb slice?


what about add a text ?


In this version I added the bready texture , I changed the background and I added the font. for the black outline for the mouth i think it�s the same in the second toast. for the eyes i tried to make it darker but it�s seems not good for me. so what you think now ?


anything ?


so, it is quite good now ?


should i submit it ?


new version with white outline ! is there anything else that i should improve ?


I like it more on the light blue that the darker ones, the white is a major improvement, best of luck. If you get a chance could I maybe score some feedback? Here


thanx :) but what about the text ? is it good ?


I was just talking about the dragonball dance to somebody recently! So this got me really laughing out loud. I think this is ready for submission. But I might try putting a plate under them. What a mess it will be without one!


what about the shadow ? should I take it out ?


I think it looks fine with the shadow! Only thing I might say is that the shading on the jelly get s a little too dark for me. It looks adorable, though; nice work! :)


I have to say, I am not a big fan of the text. I think that people will recognize the pose without the text, but that it's just my opinion. Other than that I like where this is going.

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I like this! much better than the first one!

White outline was nice, the shadow was good! But there is something wrong with the text, may be the colors and the 'HA'! In my opinion : the colors change to black or grey (same with the shadow), and the text will be 'Fusion Toast'!

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which one should I submit ?


option1 or option2 ?


oops! I hope you know I meant OPTION 2 :)

Maria Cedron

I like the opcion 2 too , for a white t-shirt! :)


I cant submit it with white t-shirt because the design has a white outline !

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