The Element Of Surprise

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The print doesn't need to be that big, I think. I like the idea, but I don't think the "mix tapes" text works like that. Maybe something as simple as making it smaller would help.


Hey, thanks for your comments on my design, I really like your design, maybe I would remove the lighter square on the back and make the MIX TAPES a little bit smaller. Other than that I think it is ready to go


I agree with the other posters so far. The text may not be necessary, but if you keep it, I'd reduce the size for sure and maybe play with the typeface? I also definitely think you need to remove the square, just keep the image and the text. I like the art though.

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Haha, so true. I like the idea, but the extreme blurriness of the tape could be a little more in focus cause stuff like that hurts my eyes lol. I really love the concept though :)


i like it heh heh but idk, it wasn't immediately funny. It's up to you to find some way to make the joke more obvious.

Pecundang Bores

You did it good.. Yap, it'd be better when it isn't blur. And I think you can remove the "Mix Tapes" or just change the font a little bit interesting/unusual :D Good luck...


change the typography


I agree ^ changing the type would help. I like the concept its brilliant. The artwork could use some work as well.

Could you please help me out with my design as well i just need some comments on it thanks.

Game Over

Generic Human

It took me a bit to get this. But the visual is nice. The typeface is... not so much. That typeface doesn't really mean anything to me, and doesn't fit the visual. Maybe you could hand write it instead? Like how people used to actually write on the tape labels?

Prehistoric Pity


love your idea.... try to interpret the title become a picture,, make more come out of element of surprise.. make people understand without looking at the title


Great job with the changes, I like it as it is.

Also, thank you very much for your comments on my design, it is now up for scoring, If you have time, please help me with your score at: Bread Jump Score


Is the element of surprise because you never know what's going to be on a mixed tape? Not sure I understand the concept correctly....I am a bit lost sorry...Graphic is nice though, tee colour is good also.


Ah yes, the good ol' days. I like the cassette concept. Retrocool. The type looks like the font "Hobo" and yes, it could use a little change. The font is good on the cassette tape, though. If you have time, would you help me out by scoring my submission in the running? Thanks so much!


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I do agree with above that make "the element of surprise" looks like hand writing. Not sure if the "Mix tapes" is necessarily for the whole design, if you really want to keep that, maybe a different font can make that more fit in! Overall, I like the concept! It can be a cool design =)


Cool, I would add the mix tape text on the actual tape... hand written style.... my eyes hurt!

Thanks for the feedback.

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