Super Caped Astronaut

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My second design, this time much simpler.rnrnShould I add stars? or take out the rainbow? or reposition? or add more details to the astronaut? or submit it like it is?, thankyou.


Nice Concept. :) Change the rainbow with Outspace sky and stars.


Stars and universe colors would look amazing (maybe this picture can help you for inspiration, but the raimbow looks just fine, i think you should go for it.

If you have time, please check out my design, i would appretiate your opinionBread Jump


Thanks a lot for the comments!, I did a new version with the space background, taken from NASA website, but without the rainbow it looks kind of empty, so I guess I am leaving it for now, any more comments?.


I like the idea with the stars but since they have a photo look to them and your original design is a lot more stylized, it looks a bit arranged, or just pasted on there . So my vote goes to V1. It looks much cleaner and consistent to me. Maybe you could make stars in the same style as the astronaut. Another thing: I can't help thinking I have seen this concept on threadless before... Flying superman style, with rainbow and everything... I don't know. Good thing to check before sub.

Thanks for commenting on my vip.


That would be "wip". Cheers.


The design Fonus is talking about may be this: Space Needs Color

I like your design. I sort of think the different art styles go ok together. I am new at this though.

I've got my first design up here now also if you care to check it out: Home Protection

Hope the links worked.


Hey, i like the new version, i am glad you found my advise of the picture useful.

Also thanks for commenting my design, based on your comments i have made some changes to my design, would you mind checking them out and give me your new opinion, Thank you for your time: Bread Jump


I prefer version 2. I like how the two different styles come together.



@agehawk: No, not "Space needs color". Never mind. I just got that feeling. Probably my diet.

Matthew Watters

I love it! Love the simplicity. Personally, I actually prefer the first version but would proudly wear either. Great job and best of luck.


Agree with the others about the stars, try to make them the same style as the astronaut. If you could do that, that'd be my favorite version because v1 is too plain to me.

Could you vote and comment on my submission? Birds

Generic Human

I am a fan of the stars. But yeah, maybe change the style to match. Rainbow should definitely stay, though.

Prehistoric Pity


Hey, Thanks for your nice comments on my design, it is now up for scoring. Please if you have time help me out by scoring it at: Bread Jump Score


Really digging this one. I like v1 better, without the background. I would totally keep the rainbow. If you have time, would you help me out by scoring my submission in the running? Thanks so much!


Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions.

So, I tried your suggestion of chaning the start to fit the style, did i get a better version?, let me know, thanks.

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I think they're too bright. The detract from the hero of the piece.


Super-astronaut! lol Are here really only 8 unique colours in this design? You really need to make this tee looking a bit more realictic: would stars be printed on the collar? How far will the rainbow go on the sleeve?


Ok, I think I nailed it, what do you think?.


Cool design!


I really enjoy how the rainbow comes over the shoulder like that. Also I think if anymore stars were used it would be too much. It appears to be pretty refined, I dig it man!

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this is very close to mighty mouse. I even looked it up for that is the first thing that came to my mind. maybe try changing colors on the cape so it feels different. I also think flying upward is better leave everything else. The rainbow on the should feels weird. Also the colors of the rainbow are in reverse- red should be on the outside. here is a link to explain it more in depth.


Saw your past design changes, i think its looking great. I like the rainbow coming out of the shoulder even if the rainbow inverted i think its interesting.

If you have time can you critique mine Catching Wiflys

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This is really come along! Meow gusta. Is this going to be printed with the simulated dealie?

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