CATering Business

  • by Norian
  • posted Feb 10, 2012

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"Where every meal is purrmet, neow how may I help you?"rnrn~**~rnrnThis is my first try to make a t-shirt design ever, and I would most gladly take critique on it~rnrnThis piece is a photomanipulation combining two photos of mine into this idea of sillyness. Silly yet classy in it's own way.rnrnDesign could be printed on yellow, white, purple or cream, but that depends on the possible future improvements.rnrnSo yeah, I wanted critique before actually entering the voting, let me know what you think! : D


And it seems even my description keeps derping, I apologize for that. The roughness of the edges is because the preview picture is in jpg format, thus it lost a bit of its quality here.


Right now the cat head looks a little bit too superimposed. Also I would shorten the hands and the arm under the serving tray. But other than that I like it as a whole!


Thank you! Any suggestions on how to make the head look less slapped on? : D I agree on the head~


I agree a bit about the hand under the tray now that it's been brought up. Maybe if there was a little less of the coat sleeve showing.

I'm not really sure right now about how you'd adjust the head but you're definitely on the right track with this! A small tweak here or there and it should be ready to go!

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