It would appear Urban Outfitters is ripping my "Beer Pong" design

  • by bennyd302
  • posted Feb 07, 2012
Watch this

in other news the sky is blue... UO has a fine tradition of ripping stuff off.

renfrue profile pic Alumni

write a review of the product with a link to the original design

and contact Threadless


Well.. you could always set the building on fire.


Wow, they didn't even try change it!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Seems like everyone is ripping off Threadless these days. This is incredibly upsetting.


They really didn't go to much trouble to alter the design did they? I can't imagine this will be around for long. Less blatant copies have been withdrawn from sale before by the likes of Paperchase.

Love your design by the way!

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