Black Holes omnomnom everything

  • by sugoi
  • posted Feb 03, 2012

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Hi, this is my first time ever designing a shirt so pardon my noobness.rnrnThe concept behind my design is a black hole eating stars and planets. I wanted to keep the design simple since this was my first time trying to make something for a shirt, and I'm not really confident in my ability to use a graphics tablet to digi-paint a design. Like, I really suck at making/tracing line-art with my tablet. :crnrnSo yeah. I'll appreciate whatever criticism that comes my way. :w


Anyone? ;____;


hahah i really like this design.. i just dont like the look of the teeth... maybe try to work it out

My design is up for scoring, if you have time please score my design: The Messenger


More critique please. :3 I fixed the teeth, changed the placement of the design, and added more stars.


There are too many stars on there for me. I'd try playing around with some movement lines or motion blur to give it some life? also I think it might look better if the inside of the mouth wasn't the same as the background?


Cool concept though! Well done. Thats half the battle.


Like it! I would prefer it with less color, but thats just me. A lot of the stars have the same angle. Probably would look better with more variation. Feel free to comment on my designs.


oh yeah! hungry black whole!!!! it could really benefit from a space-like texture on the background. great idea!!!

I Have a design up for critique, i'd love to know what you think of it Don't mess with the chickens


^ that page has some great tutorials for making realistic space backgrounds and textures, you should check it out too see if theres a way you could incorporate any of them into your design :)

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