I Hate Japanese Food

I Hate Japanese Food

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cooool... but it doesnt really show the hate...


This is a culture cross...sushi isn't made from snail/slugs,only fish. France has the snail/slug dish


Aye, it doesn't show hate, it just shows ignorance. Color scheme is nice, though.


I love Japanese food, and if they sold snail sushi I'd try it...but they don't. O,o


What the heck! Japanese don't eat snails! Only Chinese eat snails.

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i think it means that to the artist, fresh salmon on sushi looks like a slug (not a snail, coz snails have a shell), not very appetizing at all. (i, on the other hand, know that they are awesome, tasty little bites of heaven!)


We also eat snails in Spain, it's not something French/Chinese/whatever... and I love both snails and sushi, great design!


This image for the sushi on this shirt is nice, but I don't' quite understand the concept of a slug being associated to it, and how this demonstrates hate for sushi. This doesn't really make sense, because slugs aren't an ingredient for sushi, nor is it a typical ingredient for Japanese food in general. Chinese, French, and other (few) cultures eat snails. Like "Cassaendra" mentioned, this design shows ignorance. Nice design, but the concept for this shirt isn't quite clear.


I get it!! Soy Sauce!! a slug would shrivel and melt with all that salt!!!!


This t shirt shoul not exist and is shite? Sushi is the best ood ever! FFS!


I have promised to make for the family, so this app definitely comes in handy in keeping track during my grocery shopping.DietKrishna.com


yeah, joromo90 i think nailed the meaning of the shirt... hypertonic solutions are not terribly snail friendly... if that's the true meaning of the shirt, then I think it's uber creative!

miss mary mac

if you have a problem with slugs on your porch at night, you put salt on your porch. Slugs hate salt...the meaning is obvious. Clever design.

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I don't mean to be a negative nelly but how on earth did this get printed? The quality is extremely low and the audience here fucking love sushi...


wow those of you that don't get it make me really sad for humanity.


I like the design, but given the comments you might want to retitle the shirt. :) Hope it gets reprinted!


This design is great! What I understand from it is that Japanese food culture is still obscure to a lot of people. Some of them eat stuff that is till alive like octopus and it can be quite intimidating. So I believe it's a funny way for the artist to humor this misconception about Japanese food culture we have that they eat weird stuff that is not dead yet although it is true for some fish and sea food..


looking for a cool sushi theme, but this is going way over my head.. the snail makes it all gross, but I think folks that think sushi is gross probably would not wear a tee with sushi on it in the 1st place..? also, isn't it the chinese who sometimes like to eat live foods, or cook still breathing and feeling things? so confused..

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