Return of the Space Fever... or...

  • by agge
  • posted Jan 30, 2012

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Ok so this was just really fun to make. I'm going for sort of an old book-cover look. rnI'm gonna upload a placement and i need some help with the color of the tee. rnrnAny comments or thoughts are helpful.


These are the colours of tee i'm thinking of.

I dont know which is best... Does anyone besides me like the green one?


I like the green one, but I like the grey one more. I don't like the white but mainly because I really dislike white tees as they get grubby so easily. The orange on green works really nicely.


i like the green shirt. the white looks okay too, but the green is the best i think.


I like the green and the grey, not sure which one I really like the most.


green is not bad, but I like the grey. Nice retro look!


really like the gray! good job!

If you have time, please critique my design The Messenger


Thanks guys! The gray and the green seams to be the winners. Gonna work on a presentation :)

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