Pet Taoism

  • by YaaH
  • posted Jan 16, 2012

Pet Taoism

Watch this

The creator got the cat/dog yin/yang mixed up! ;-)

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

mate, you are on fire these last weeks. Congrats

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

I wish I could have a shirt of just that derpy dog on the front, congrats Justin, you are THE MAN

kylewalters profile pic Alumni

You do it again! nice work, Jusitn

alanis profile pic Alumni

this is so cool!


Jublin- I voted for this TEE-shirt- I have almost all your Tees- since I probably have lotsa kids your age-I AM NOT STALKING YOU- BUT I am a BUDDHIST WITCH-and I NEED a TeeFURY (I KNOW) got the others- of the 11/26/12 "NAMASTE/POSTER" (LOST) Tee in just about ANY SIZE (I AM A FAIRLY Small LIL OLD LADY-& can make just about anything work...)this is getting to be a major obsession bordering quite high on the Maslow Code of Needs-sorta between Food and Shelter... Can YOU HELP??? I love all my other Jublins-Josh-but the DHARMA INITIATIVE IS MY PERSONAL HISTORY- was in hospital on that day and could not order...please...Thank you...Annie )O(


Reeeprint plz...

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