goin' to the chapel..

weird place to ask, but what the hell....
anyone got any unique ideas for a wedding theme? Actually, it would be more like the reception theme really. Anything you like, unique, ideas? Throw 'em at me :)

Watch this

:( nothing? aww, come on yall.... :(


Make your own pizza.


Make your own pizza is kinda cute.

I know we will be having snow-cones... there is this guy here in FL that sells the most amazing snow-cones. Not those hard ice and icky flavor ones, these are as soft as real snow and have awesome flavor. So any ideas on something to work into that?


you can custome make M&M's


You should do a chocolate fountain. My friend had one at her birthday party, and we went freaking crazy over it.

It's not a theme. Unless you do death by chocolate- which was our before homecoming potluck theme. Yummmm.


hell, we didnt have anything at our homecoming when I was in high school except some stupid ice sculpture... thats cool.

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Make your own pizza.




We actually planned that part ourselves before we left for the dance. Our homecoming theme was "Hot in Here." We had fake fires..... yeah.

How about "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" as your theme?


Ha, thats funny. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles though, I dunno... it is a wedding after all. But that and pizza and you have a theme for sure.

It might be St. Patricks Day weekend, but I dunno about having green. Weddings are a pain to plan.

mrs. squid

My wedding had a halloween theme. It was really nice.

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