Design up for Critique

Well, I finally did it - got around to creating a t-shirt design and uploading it for Critique. I hope I get some decent feedback (and hopefully not too many changes requested! lol) .... I'd love to see my design on a real life t-shirt!!

Head over to the Critique blogs and have a look for yourself - it's titled "Mummy?" and stars a cute little baby octopus looking for his mummy...and mistaking a poor jellyfish for her!
Here's the design before I altered it slightly to suit a t-shirt:

Edit: this is the altered version, with brighter jellyfish as suggested by farrahk211...

Watch this

i like the design but perhaps the jellyfish should be slightly brighter?It gets a little lost in the color of the water.

Also, this might just be me but i think "mummy" should read "mommy" just because "mummy" makes me think of a mummified mummy which would make sense if you're doing a shirt about mummies.

Other than that I think that the style is wonderfully done, very cute! Love the concept!


I see what you are saying about the color of the jellyfish - I purposely didn't make it too bright because I wanted a kind of "matt" effect, but I'll try brightening it up a little see how it looks :)

As for the wording of "mummy?" ... that is how we English say it, it's usually American's that say it as 'mommy'. On that one I'm not sure if I should change it - but I suppose 'mommy' does sound a little cuter (and that was the effect I was going for after all).

Thanks for your comment and critique - most appreciated :)

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