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  • by kunduzzz
  • posted Jan 09, 2012

Watch this

Most of us can remember the scene from the movie "The Ring", little girl get away from television. I want to illustrate this scene and need your advice to get better result. Thank you


i like the girl and tv. i know you're going simple, but the table and shadow look like clipart you'd find in microsoft office. i don't recall seeing this movie but the design is pretty cool.


put some cracks on the tv like if that thing is comin out of it and add some scene to the tv that match the character. tv is too flat and table is 3d. cool shadow and cool head on the top.hehe

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thank you for your advices, i ll make some changes on table and tv. I am also unhappy with the colors, i ll make changes on colors too


i dont decide if i put some lights coming from tv, is it too much?


I think the tv is pretty obvious and doesn't need any changes. The bars are a little hard to figure out. You need something to define them more, or perhaps loose the connecting beam at the top and just have them stop as bars rising out of the table.


i have made some more changes, hope you like it. i ll be happy if you critique my work.

thanks you



The idea is perfect, man But in my opinion, the first version is better ...


Sorry for the spam, but, can you vote? =D



Am not too familiar with the film, but I think the first version is more effective. I liked the "snow" on the screen and that it looks like a computer. This version looks like a television - I don't think that is the joke you are trying to play. Am not sure what the cage is - must be from the film. Is it necessary? I don't remember if from the clips I've seen. Also, I don't think you need the window - the glow of the screen tells us it's night, or at least, dark. I know at least one person who would really dig this shirt. Keep at it. It's worth working on some more. Just my two cents.


i like the version 1.. just add some bars and use black shirt..

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I like version 1 better :) work on that one. Would really love to see version 1 evolve into something good.

By the way, I can't believe no one have watched this film. I totally get what you're trying to say in your idea :D Good luck :)

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yes first one looks better, i ll continue on the first one. thank you

Kyoko L

This is a great movie, and a cool idea. The first one is better, so work on that one! Add some details to the tv and table, add a pool of water under the girl...

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haha..This is interesting. Maybe instead of bars have mouse traps everywhere or something like that...also I like the angled version better.


mouse traps!! great idea, i ll try it, thanks :)


Add me to the list that preferred version 1, but I think you've already gone back to it so the point is moot! Haha... On version 1 I really liked her pose and interaction with the bars. I'm really looking forward to seeing an evolved version of that one! Funny idea, by the way. I can see them selling this on an infomercial. "Accidentally pop in the wrong movie and now you're going to be killed by a vengeful water-ghost? Have we got a product for you!"

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This is awesome hahahaha i loved that part in the movie. i liked your last version, but if your going with this maybe add an creepy white or red looking eye from behind the hair starring straight at you. I would keep what did in v1 and have one hand on the bar or maybe change it so one hand is trying to reach out and grab you.

awesome job, keep working on it, its a good idea :)

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thanks all, i am working on first version

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