Thank You!

Dearest Threadless Community!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all are doing well and 2012 is treating you right so far! The New Year is bringing some changes for me. I've made the very hard decision to leave my job at Threadless for a more local opportunity in Boulder. It was a super tough decision since Threadless is so freaking awesome, but the best one for my family. But not to worry, I'm leaving you in the BEST hands! Jake Nickell, Threadless Founder, will be taking over the lead for the Community Team here (SWEET!). Jess, our Community Manager, and Rachel, Artist Liaison, will still be helping hold down the fort and keeping things awesome (as they do).

I'll still be a big part of Threadless and probably still harassing everyone to vote on designs, but now as just a community member (maybe even joining the ranks as a Threadless Ambassador, if I'm lucky enough someday). I want to thank you all for making the last 4 years really amazing!


I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the next meetup!

Love 4evs,

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dhendy profile pic Staff

Gonna miss you!


Sad New Year. :(

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

aww! thats not fair... heheh I've been dreaming of getting one of those famous "Mimi Mail's" for years.

Good luck with your next move though! Seriously! You gotta do whats best for you and your family.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

I'll miss mimimail :(

good luck there!


Aw dang. I hope you'll still make it out to Winebocon~

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Good luck with your great new opportunities!

Everyone will miss you a ton around here.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i am sooooooo sad.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Mimi! You truly will be missed. Your enthusiasm (and congratulatory emails) are unparalleled. Good luck with your next adventure!

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni


we will miss you huge, but you will kick ass in your new shiz!


Thanks everyone! I will miss you all a ton!

...maybe I should start a blog challenge and the winners could get real snail-mail Mimailâ„¢ :)

rodrigobhz profile pic Alumni

Oh noes! No more Mimimails!

I wish you THE BEST, good luck!

Also, I'd like to thank you for being so helpful, patient and awesome. We're going to miss you for sure :)


Good luck Meems! XOXO :)

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Mimi, you've made a huge mark here at Threadless, and I know we'll all be sad to see you go, but super excited to hear about what you take on next.

Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us and good luck!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Thank you.

Take care and happy endeavors!


i'm gonna pretend you're still just working remotely. don't be surprised by a conference call.

or a surprise visit.

i'm gonna miss ya meeeeeeeems!

wearecareful profile pic Staff

best of luck and most importantly have fun!


Oh noes. I'll never get a mimimail then. ;_;

Best of luck anyway! Did you commute from Boulder every day? Is your name still Mireille?

Ryder profile pic Alumni

We'll all miss you incredibly Mimi!!!

Maybe we'll still see you at some of the Threadless meet ups! Good luck in everything in your future, buddy

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Hey you are not leaving just changing places!

Hooray for changes and a bright new future!

Best of luck ;^)

glenncochon profile pic Alumni

Good luck to you Mimi!!

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

good luck with the new job Mimi...:)


send me a mimimail anyway. do it do it. you know you wanna :)

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Was so sad to hear about this but I know you'll go on to do big things. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Well miss you!


Sadface to losing you at Threadless. Happyface to hiking and new career moves!

Resistance profile pic Alumni

Supposed to be a heart. Hmmph

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni


I hope we can still see you at meet ups!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni


toopersent profile pic Alumni

Awww, mimails. Sadface.

nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Alumni

Mimi! Your tireless work for threadless has been inspiring. Thanks for all you did and do!

We wish you the best in your new endeavor. I'm sure you'll be just as successful there as you have been at threadless.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Take care Mimi, thanks for always being lovely in your emails and good luck in everything you do. I shall treasure my mimails and keep them safe :)

theperk profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the four years of awesomeness and sending out happy emails to me!

silverqe profile pic Alumni

Good luck sweetie! It was wonderful to have you at Threadless these past few years! I have never known a Threadless without a Mimi, so your replacement will have big shoes to fill!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Mimi, I have not only had the honor of your emails bringing me joy (and funds), but also the joy and honor of meeting you, and MR H, in person. I can't thank you enough for all you did while I was in Denver 2 years ago, and for everything you have done since as well.

Best of luck to you and Dustin. Would be great to see you both again in the future. You are always welcome in Sydney.

Tony Centeno
Tony Centeno profile pic Alumni

Good luck in your new adventure Mimi and a million thanks for making me so happy with your Mimimail! Take care!

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Good luck Mimi, you have been an awesome highlight to my days with your Mimimail for years now, and are an epic person. Best of luck to you!

andyg profile pic Alumni

Good luck with everything, Mimi!

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