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  • by TrueBlaze
  • posted Jan 04, 2012

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Apparently, I managed to accidentally delete the previous critique of this design, claps for me lol. Thanks to a specific person, I was able to make some good changes to this design, sadly I can't address that person because of my extensive knowledge of accidental deletions lol.rnrnWhatsoever, what do you guys think of this? Also can't decide whether to pick a dark tee, or the blue one. Help me pick one. :P


I saw your previous design and this one is much better and makes more sence. I would go for the black one. I dont know if its my monitor but a see the left arm a bit lighter then the rest, it kind of bothers me and you should try making the sun's mouth like he`s chewing. Like the slogan in the cup.

Keep the god work. Critique please.


I think it needs a little work on the Art. Maybe more detail and shades. And I think the moon needs to look a little bit more moonish...

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I love the design, it is cute and fun! I agree with the comment above about making the moon more moonish, I think some craters would probably do the trick. Otherwise, I think everything else is really well done. I think the black shirt would compliment it a little better.

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Could maybe use a bit more detail, but all in all looks pretty good. The sun is very cute. I like the blue background better than the dark one...


Great design! I agree with the craters, I'm not sure about the shadowing, I like the simple style on this. I like the blue tee.


add very light shadows. coloration and the idea is perfect xD and i lke te blue shirt

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nice idea and gud design.. but i guess that design is better for kids or babys... So put it on a kid shirt or a baby shirt so that i m pretty sure that it will get a gud score..:)


this is awesome :D


It's true that the design would fit more for children, so I changed that yeah lol.

Oh and also I can't add shading and stuff because I've already used 8 colors, tried improvising but didn't get anything consistent so I decided to keep the simplicity. What do you think? :P

Kyoko L

Awesome design. Very cute and funny, and better suited for kids. Good job!


Not trying to spam, but opinions anyone? :P


Lol weird, I didn't realize "Not trying to spam, but opinions anyone? :P" by me was posted AFTER a person posted a comment, my bad, sorry.

Thanks for the comments guys, I guess it's ready for submission eh. :P


Cute. More shading perhaps for depth?

Great idea. also some smaller stars in the background might look good.

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Cute idea. I wonder if there is a way to make it more dynamic - maybe the face of the sun is not straight on, or the mouth is chewing so it's no so symmetrical.
Just my two cents.

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