Secret Lori Santa!!!

After a strange, somewhat terrible-turned-okay week, I came home Thursday night to find a big USPS box. Goldie the cat was very intrigued with the box.

Here is the spread!


I promise I have toes; they just look bad right now thanks to an interesting paint job. These sock are SO sparkly. They actually fit, even though I have ginormous feet (size 12 women's)!

The nearly-9-year-old holding up two yummy WONKA bars!

Fun foil-wrapped candies!!! They're like ornaments.

Awesome-looking book which my sis-in-law is dying to steal from me!

Clearly a a very somber book... LOL I've already marked some pages to try!

This is the weirdest, coolest, monkeyest thing I have ever seen!!! I can't figure out if it will go in our main hallway or in our bathroom as a towel hook. I LOVE IT!

Yes, there are two. No, I'm not capable of taking a photo of both hands. These are so warm and soft, and since they're white/cream-colored, no cat hair shows up on them! I've been wearing them in the car since Friday morning for driving. :D

LIKE THE COOLEST BLANKET OF ALL TIME. It's on my lap right now keeping me warm as I type. The back is this grey (like elephant-grey) fuzzy soft fabric that initially made me think of a towel with how it looked, but it is SO soft.

The candy cane heart which broke in transit but still hung on the tree; the breaks made it easy to share. ;)

The whole haul on my coffee table. Plus a bit of the cat butt at the top there. :D

Thank you so much, pyr4lis LORI!!!

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SuperRyan profile pic Alumni


cat buuuttttttt


OMG, that blanket!! P4Lor is AMAZING!!


IT IS. So is that cat butt. You've never seen a finer one. ;)

My girls have all tried to take the quilt. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. I might share it with the baby when she/he gets here. Maybe.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Aww heh glad you liked the blanket, my cat kept wanting to get on it when I was cutting and sewing.

I loved the monkey rack! Heh I found it at a local antique store and it screamed for a new coat of paint. ;) it was all brown but the art deco swirls practically begged to be gold.

The Rachael Ray is signed by her in case you missed that in the cover. I remember you saying you liked cooking but didn't have much time and her 30 min meals are so easy!

I was originally going to do onsies but I figured a blanket would be more useful and last longer. And I had no idea if you were having a boy or gi


I can't believe I missed the inside cover! I went through the "real pages" already. :D

The doc is pretty sure the baby will be a girl but weirdly I don't feel like it's a girl or a boy one way or the other. I knew with both girls, so it's strange! :)


Dude THAT QUILT!! so coooooool : D

Mountain Gnome

Super quilt, lovely secret santa package!


Nice package. That monkey rack is so cool.


Oh my god...that blanket!!!!!!! Fabulous!

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Thanks! ;)

courtney pie


Also, I love that the kid has on an Amy Grant tee



Michael W Smith was my favorite singer as a kid and I've bought all his albums; when he came to town it was with Amy Grant last month and my daughter is a huge fan of both of them. I told her she could have any shirt she wanted and that was the one. Only $10 for a concert tee!

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