Twiggy is the awesomeeeest Santa!

I had a sneaking feeling, and in the mail today was a delightful box of awesomeness!!!

I ripped open the box in the car...

...but had to wait till I got home because of all the wrappings! Which came off faster than a virgin bride wedding dress...

So much candies, with one strawberry chapstick (my fave) to rule them all

A Prost! shirt from our fave Seattle German pub! this will be on my body shortly


only the best band-aids EVER! and cute ass buttons and mustache ERASERS?! shut up

bubble bath cupcake bomb?! I am so trying this out tonight! and SPACE NOODLES!

...last but not least, mixed tapes from Jen are like the ULTIMATE!

♥♥♥ all my goodies! thanks Twigs!

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ir0cko profile pic Alumni



Cupcake bomb!

courtney pie

I'm hoping it explodes and covers me in rainbow sprinkles


Now I need mustache band aids. I feel certain they heal wounds better than other band aids.


That is awesome! She is awesome! You are awesome! Yay awesome!

courtney pie

I've never been excited to get an injury before now.


Hooray!! So glad you got it!! Hee hee, that was the toughest secret ever to keep! I even had a dream I accidentally told you! lol

Love you, Lady! Hope your Christmas is the merriest!!! XOXOXOXO!!

courtney pie

I totally had wife-tuition that it was you! ♥! Merry Christmas to you and Scotty!


wowza!!! Serious box 'O awesome!!!

courtney pie

I cannot wait to try out that cupcake bath bomb...



pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Amazing package! The cupcake bath bomb sounds so nice.

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