Favorite Albums of 2011

I have a little website and a lot of the content is music based. At the end of the year, labels and publicists begin sending a bunch of "For Your Consideration" style emails, asking you to look over certain releases from the year and to consider adding them to your end of the year lists. Personally, I don't really like the lists because they seem to be set up the same way everytime and, since I don't believe that anyone really heard every single album that came out during the year or had time to devote to each of them equally, it always seems like farce to rate them with some sort of number system.

One purpose for them that I do find is that it can introduce people to stuff they may not have heard before. I've basically refused to make one for the site, but I've also noticed that I still like discussing them, because my ideals are a sham.

I'm not gonna number or rate anything, but here are some of the albums that got the most listens from me this year, that were released this year. Along with the album artist/title, I'm gonna try to include a video of a track from the release. I was hoping that some of you might be interested in posting your favorites, as well. Even if they didn't come out this year, but you discovered it this year. Hopefully, there will be some cool stuff to discover.

Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo

Amon Tobin - ISAM

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Mirror Traffic

Cave - Neverendless

Bill Callahan - Apocalypse

Singer - Mindreading
Free Download of the song "New Bad Teeth"

Battles - Gloss Drop

J Mascis - Several Shades of WHy

Moon Duo - Mazes

Death Grips - ExMilitary

The Howling Hex - Wilson Semiconductors
No video or links

James Blake - S/T

Nurses - Dracula

Watch this
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chemi hydro

I must have embedded them wrong then.

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that's okay. I misplaced my big black dick anyway.

chemi hydro

I actually thought that Death Grips video was "Born This Way"

Why don't you add something to the conversation and post something instead of flaunting your wang around?


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chemi hydro

actually, shirt.woot is selling an 8-bit Tuxedo shirt. I guess it's so that you look like you came out of that Great Gatsby video game


Look a little deeper...

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wow! I'd like to meet the man who designed that shirt and support his functioning alcoholism

chemi hydro

I'm pretty sure that I already know who designed it.

This guy:

chemi hydro

sorry... I think that it might have actually been this dude


I thought that was a small white dick in a big black vagina.

Mya Jamila

I only know one of those names but I'm really excited to check them out, thank you!

chemi hydro


I'd never heard of George & Jonathan, but I might have to get some, just based on the sheer intensity of their happiness

chemi hydro

@Mya Jamila

That's stuff's all pretty different, but hopefully there's something that you do like on there.

@mike_bautista That George and Jonathan stuff got me thinking about Javelin and their song "Oh Centra"

Then I remembered that they put out another album this year that was a totally different Western affair, but that I also thought was really great.

Javelin - Canyon Candy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSxRiqQH1Hg

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Angeles by The Strokes [Taken For A Fool] El Camino by The Black Keys [Lonely Boy] 21 by Adele [Rumor Has It] Torches by Foster The People [Helena Beat] W H O K I L L by tUnE-yArDs [My Country] Blonde by Coeur de Pirate [Adieu] In Search Of Elusive Little Comets by Little Comets [Tricolour] Never Trust A Happy Song by Grouplove [Spun] Portamento by The Drums [Money] Relax by Das Racist [Celebration]

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Angles by The Strokes [Taken For A Fool] El Camino by The Black Keys [Lonely Boy] 21 by Adele [Rumor Has It] Torches by Foster The People [Helena Beat] W H O K I L L by tUnE-yArDs [My Country] Blonde by Coeur de Pirate [Adieu] In Search Of Elusive Little Comets by Little Comets [Tricolour] Never Trust A Happy Song by Grouplove [Spun] Portamento by The Drums [Money] Relax by Das Racist [Celebration]


I've listened the crap out of Cut Copy's Zonoscope.

And I really enjoyed Torches by Foster the People.


Zonoscope's in my top ten.

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I have no idea which albums came out in 2011 - and all the ones I just Googled to check were 2010 or before.

chemi hydro


Was there anything standout that you discovered this year that didn't come out in 2011?


I love Bill Callahan!

I think Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes is amazing.

And Midnight City my M83 is epic.

chemi hydro

Yeah, that Bill Callahan album is amazing. Try to see him live if you haven't -or even if you have- it was one of the best shows that I've seen this year.

Fleet Foxes are weird to me, because I live in Seattle and I've made coffee for those dudes and seen them so much, it's strange that they got big and matter to people. My girlfriend loves it, so I can still listen to it and enjoy it without taking responsibility for liking it. Admittedly, it is really good though.

As for M83, I haven't gotten a chance to hear much of it, but all that I hear are positive things.


Wow, that's pretty cool about seeing fleet foxes around and stuff. My friends saw Bill Callahan earlier in the year and he said it was one of the best shows he's seen. I'd love to see him. M83 has received a lot more attention because of their single being in a commercial, but I like the album because it actually feels like an album.

chemi hydro


Well, I've been seeing Robin around since before those guys blew up. So, sometimes it's hard to tell how big someone has actually gotten outside of the bubble. Seeing him on the cover of every magazine put in in perspective. J Tillman apparently got fired from the last place that I was working a long time ago, but they'd still come in there. I've also done a decent amount of artist interviews (the last one I think was with Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance) so I don't really think about that stuff too much. Seattle's weird and small.

I knew that the M83 album was coming out from a friend early on, so I was surprised when I realized that it was actually a huge release this year, but it being in a commercial makes sense. The last M83 show in town was at a decent sized venue (Neumos) and they immediately set up a follow up show later this year at a somewhat comparable, although probably a bit larger, venue in town. Within a week of that first press release announcing the show, I got another stating that it was being moved to another much larger venue to accommodate the audience. It's not even until April

chemi hydro

Also, I had to make a birthing playlist this year, for when my son was being born. We were going for soothing sounds and things that my girlfriend would like to hear and not hate (ie. no Venetian Snares).

There was a lot of Bonnie Prince Billy, the Fleet Foxes album, a good selection of Bill Callahan/SMOG tracks, some Antony & The Johnsons, Bon Iver (mostly To Emma, Forever Ago), etc.

When Ronin (my baby) actually came out, "Wilhelm Scream" by James Blake was playing, so I have to like it


I really like the name Ronin. I wish my parents were cool enough to have music playing when I was born....I'd love to be born to James Blake! (that sounded weird...but you know what I mean)

chemi hydro

@avalanche lily

Yeah, that video is worthless. Have you listened to their last album, Apple's Acre? It was sent to me by Dead Oceans and I ignored it, until one day I listened to it and realized how good they were. This new release is fairly different. I'd been hearing some of the tracks, like "So Sweet" a long time ago; they were even playing them live. The arrangements are quite a bit different on Dracula. They're solid live too and they're still playing really small venues for now. I talked to John Bowers at their last Seattle show and he told me that they just never stopped writing material after recording the last release.

chemi hydro



We just needed something familiar and calming. I didn't even realize what was playing when he was actually coming out, because too much was happening. Then I suddenly noticed it in the background while they were cleaning him and whatnot. The reason that I thought it was funny is because of what the Wilhelm Scream actually is: an over the top stock sound effect that has been used in endless films over the years. So, I kind of wish that he was actually born to an actual Wilhelm scream in the background


Also, you could have had it really weird and been born to someone like Matthew McConaughey


chemi hydro

If I were you, I would just jump around on youtube to check them out and see what I thought. What I grew to appreciate by doing that, is realizing that, some times, they will perform the same songs with completely different instruments, depending on what they have available.

this video features stuff from the last album and it's one of the first things that I saw from them


and here's the first actual "music video" that I saw


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