Dum Spiro

Watch this

Done in Corel with the Scratch Tool.


i really like it i am a fan of the quote but would like to see the words hand written :D


wow great work, i agree with everyone else on the text, i love the quote but i think you should change the font, maybe hand written like kingofme suggested

if you have time,my design is up for scoring i would love some support and feedback thanks :)



Got rid of the text, moved the skull down and enlarged the flower a bit.

Purple Pirate

Love this! I think its ready for sub.

If you could help me out here that would be awesome!


Love the skull drawing!

The relationship of the flower to the rest of the design still bothers me. I would either move the flower's bloom away from the skull or have it overlap the skull — just not sitting on the edge, like it is right now.

If you have a moment, please score my design: Flourish

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