Funky Doodle

  • by Al Cox
  • posted Dec 16, 2011

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Al Cox

Hi everyone, this is my first critique submission to this site so I'm still getting to grips with it. Please leave me some feed back on this design because that would be great. Thanks

Halloween Penguins

I think it needs to cover more of the shirt. I think it would be very cool if it covered the entire shirt.


Good job! I agree with penguin for Halloween ... And I suggest you to zoom the picture to see all the details, because it seems very detailed :D

I would very appreciate if you have time to score and comment my design, Merry Christmas


ya i agree with al cox make the design larger, and if you can upload a close up of your design i would really like to see the detail, :)

if you have time, my design is up for scoring i would love some support and feedback :) thanks

Flying Toast

I agree with Halloween Penguins but it's very good!


A shirt like this with an all-over print would be so awesome. I hate to see the picture end, I want to see it continue, taking over like venom on spider-man or something, nomzing the shirt and leaving behind a trail of awesome doodles. I wish I could see the picture with more detail, I really like what I can make out here though. Keep on doodling sir. It doesn't really have to be an all-over, but if it could consume more of the shirt, it would help a lot.

And if you've got a minute would you care to check out my critique, Conjuring Creatures?

Al Cox

Hey everyone, thanks so much for the feedback. Yeah I think the larger design covering most of the shirt was a good option. I gave it a try having the odd character poking out of the frame but I couldn't quite get it working so I'd rather see what you think of this first with the enlarged doodle. Is it too big do you reckon? Cheers for your help guys and much appreciated, all the best.


Great style, and illustration!! I think the size is perfect. I can't really see anything I would change. The only thing I would give a try, would be to add color to one of the characters. But I am a big fan of the black and white. Either way I say submit it.


Awesome illustration! :D i think if u could just stretch the design until the sides n bottom of the shirt, it'll look sweet!! Good luck :)

A critique on mine would be appreciated :) Family Vengeance


This is a great design! I like everything about it, maybe fade out the edges a bit on the top left side so it doesn't look so square-like, Also try and stretch the design out so it fills the whole shirt :D

If you have time can you help with my critique as well? Thanks :D The Hills Have Eyes


I agree with the fill the whole shirt. And less defined edges would also be a point to consider.

Check out mine! even just a vote...Nihilism

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

The border kills this. get rid of the harsh square border. give it a more organic, irregular border or fade it into the shirt more.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

also consider a non white background, maybe a warm color like creme or tan or yellow.

Ars Fera

Exactly what Bio-Bot said, get rid of the border and try some different tee colors.

Rob68bbc also has a good idea with adding one color in might make this design really pop!

The illustration itself is beautiful, now it's a matter of color and border! Great job!!

And if you're not to busy, I'd appreciate a vote on my very first collab! Animal Kingdom


Oh man, I adore your drawing style. I would stretch the design over the whole front section of the shirt. Even if some slight cropping is necessary to fit the shape of the shirt, it would be worth it. The art quality is exceptional, but the presentation needs tweaking.

If you have the time, I would love some feedback on this:

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