A Family Photo

  • by el doodle
  • posted Dec 13, 2011

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el doodle

My friend showed me a family portrait from when he was a kid, I guess he was raised by wolves.rnrnMy first submission of this was for dysfunctional families, wasn't the best quality and was denied. I figured I'd try again after critique. Not sure if I should leave as is or add color to it. I like the awkward background. Please comment, thanks!


The idea is cool but you have to improve the line! Try to give different thicknesses to the lines, so as to make the most out detail. And you could add some shadow and highlights. Hope it helps :D

I would very appreciate if you have time to score and comment my design, Merry Christmas

el doodle

shading and a corny/retro background, andy thoughts?

el doodle

thanks for the feedback lazy j! you think the coloring should stay in the background? I feel like if I add color to the characters it will seem more like a coloring book. I'm thinking some bright greens purples and blues, maybe pink.

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