• by HAPPYca
  • posted Dec 13, 2011

Watch this

I like the idea a lot. I think it works well on all three colors. Only issue is the middle tree looks kind of flat on the top. I'd get rid of the dark edges (just on the top of the middle tree) and try to make it come to a point.

And I don't know if you considered playing around with green instead of black, you might want to see what that looks like, however i do like the black as is.

Critique me:


I agree with Danny on the middle tree looking flat. Also it seems the back of the tee is exactly the same as the front. Maybe play around with a different wintry landscape instead of replicating the front. Overall I like the concept, it looks nice on all three tees.

Please leave a comment if you have a chance


Loving the theme!! Just for these incoming snows :D Would definitely go for the teal one!


it is lovely! I like the second version, bright blue..

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