• by Verreaux
  • posted Dec 12, 2011

Watch this

An old draw, i like it so much, but i want to know anyhting than can be improve, also what colors can use it.

In Brightest Day

Love the design, very nice. I would try lowering it just a bit so it's not up on the collar as much. Would also suggest some subtle shading where the desing intersects with itself.


this is cool. great line work. i like the suggestion of the subtle shading, could be a nice addition.


Well, here are the new version of the design in a lot of colors, waht do you think?


lots of good palettes to choose from here. i'm particularly drawn to blue on olive and orange on navy.


Orange on Navy and White on Black for me. I'd have liked to see a Dark Green on light blue, sort of the inverse of the blue/olive one.

Nice to see it coming along.

If you have any thoughts on my latest critique:

Climax Clothing Co.

I digg the olive & blue most and the navy & orange second.

Have a Climatic day!


Darker blue with the light blue design.

Purple Pirate

Epic! the colour on the eyes makes a big difference. When its up for scoring it would be great if you could post a link to my blog or something.

If you could help me out here that would be awesome!


beautiful flowing shape.

I like light blue/light blue or navy blue/orange.

If you have a moment, please score my design: Flourish

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