I want my American Apparel tees back!

Are Threadless still using American Apparel as their main source of t-shirts? I wonder because in my last couple of orders, I've noticed that some shirts fit differently than others (they were all size L), and the fabric seemed inconsistent - some were thinner while others felt a little thicker and not as soft as some of my other shirts that were printed on AA. I've ordered many times over the last few years from Threadless and there has definitely been a change in terms of the quality and durability of the t-shirt fabric and fit. And not to mention the price increases of said shirts.

***Note: I just checked the Threadless FAQ under the topic, What are the tees made of? and there's no mention of American Apparel as being the primary brand anywhere. There's just a chart of actual material for different types of shirts, i.e. Guys Regular Tees are 100% cotton, while the Girls Regular Tees vary with some containing Polyester and Spandex. I distinctly remember when I first started ordering from Threadless (early 2009) that their sizing charts used to consist of almost exclusively American Apparel products.

I have to say that this is very disappointing because when Threadless used to print on AA, you knew beforehand how they were going to fit and feel, and also how durable they would be after repeated washings because the fabric would feel just as soft as the day you got it, and the shape and fit of the shirt would remain the same. I can't say that for the new 'generic' cotton tees they're now using. I must say that I have been tentative about ordering from Threadless lately because of this very noticeable trend of subpar products, but I took a chance and ordered 6 shirts which should arrive tomorrow. They are size L, so ideally, they should all fit and feel the same, even if they are no longer printed on AA tees. If they don't live up to these very simple standards, I'm sad to say that I may have to stop ordering shirts from this once reliable company, who, for some reason, found the need to change from printing on the highest quality t-shirts from American Apparel to printing on low quality, generic, abrasive and flimsy tees from a different, unnamed company.

I used to really look forward to receiving my shirts in the mail and trying them all on right away, knowing that what I was wearing was of the highest quality. I especially enjoyed the comments I would receive about the clever designs so much so that I would buy shirts for my friends so they enjoy them, too. Now when I receive shirts in the mail, I worry and wonder which shirts wouldn't fit and would have to return. Threadless was once a sure thing. Not so much anymore.

I want my American Apparel tees back!

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four paragraphs? sheeeeeeesh... looking at that exhausts me... i'm going to go stare at the fridge...

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i'd like AA back too!


Wow. Unfortunately, what I needed to say couldn't be said in 1 or 2 short paragraphs. Whatever happened to having an attention span longer than 2 seconds? Just a note: I really like your artwork, especially the space-themed designs. Maybe you should be a little nicer to the people who may be prospective buyers of your work. ;)


i like this dude's tee pictures -he poses the exact same way in a number of pics and i find it funny. keep up the great poses.


I started to order tees on threadless, because American Aparel tees. When I realized that not, that was my last purchase

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IIRC, Threadless dropped AA around the time they had to let go 1500 employees due to them being undocumented immigrants. Because of that AA simply couldn't deliver a lot of orders. This was around 2009-2010. Then there was a period of unfortunately uneven quality in Threadless shirts before they introduced their own shirts. And they're good, IMHO.


holy 3yr old bmup[

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