Dark Side of the Moon

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The moon can be naughty sometimes.rnrnI really feel like there's a certain "something" missing from this to make it Threadless worthy, let me know what you think Threadless community!


Great composition and I enjoy the basic color theme. If you get a chance, please check out my design, I'd love your vote: link text


I love this! You could make the little dude all shocked. :)


The moon can be naughty sometimes. |

Here is a version with an extra layer of light, and enhanced "rump" definition xD


hey I dig it, nice rump definition! haha. I might make the windows in the buildings that darker gray color instead of white so that they don't pop out so much. Good work


SO FUNNY! layer of light is an improvement. good job,

check out some of my wip when you get a chance

owl giraffe


Ha, very good. I'd say submit. If you do want to tweak or try something different, maybe give the moon some arms pulling down some pants to make it clear what is going on.

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Aha awesome stuff, what a defined rump he has. I cant think of any suggestions beyond whats already been said. Try out lowering the contrast in the windows and enlarging the moon. I'd say its ready to submit now, but there is now harm in tweeking these details :D

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