I can't do it alone!

  • by rob68bbc
  • posted Dec 07, 2011

Watch this

What do think?


Any feedback?


For starters, I don't dig on that grungy kind of font here with this shirt, as your illustration is nice and crisp. Well I say for starters because I'm not quite sure what to say about the shirt. Maybe the placement is a bit too high? It's a nice looking piston but not sure if it's ideal for a shirt. The thin black lines might not show up too great on the print, maybe try a style that doesn't use outlines and is all just highlights, like the shines/shades on the bottom?


yea... i dont get this design, it kinda looks like some sort of trooper from star wars at the top but has some sort of ring thing coming down? what is this from? please critique here

In Brightest Day

I think this is a great idea. Maybe show the piston from the top, so you get a better idea of what it is. The type is fine with the grungy look. It reminds me of motor oil that has come off of it. You could put some oil dripping off of the piston and then forming into the slogan underneath.


Sir Lazy J, Ok, thanks

BlueHippo, ok, thanks

Nabes, It's a piston from an engine.

In Brightest Day, Thanks. I'll give it a try.

HighDesign, I hear you. I'll try a little smaller. Thanks


I like your concept and your illustrative style, but am wondering if you could try communicating what you're saying with the text through drawing in a way that wasn't so heavy handed?


frontlinestudio, thanks. I'm not sure how. Some people don't even know what it is. I'll work on it.


Hi, Love the design not sure about the text. Perhaps some alternative comedy text: "I'm Feeling Cranky" or "Do you like my Big-End" or even better "Piston Artist!" ahahahah :P


E-Tee, Thanks. I like your ideas, Thanks

bleedinghitman, Thanks. I'll check it out.


Javman, ok. I'll work on it. I'll check it out.


I think the placement is fine. I do feel there is a bit of incongruousness between the illustration and the wording. Maybe either clean-up the words, or rough-up the illustration. As for the idea itself...I also think many people would not get it, but it could be a great shirt for a certain niche.

Also possibly in the category of "don't quite get it"...check out my design and give a score! Nihilism

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