Lonely Wolf

Lonely Wolf

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its a nice shirt but the problem with black prints is that it fades very quickly and if the shirt stretches, which it will, it doesnt look as nice anymore


The shirt will only stretch if you're huge or order a size too small for you, what are you doing to your tees vinlee42?

awesome design, glad to see it printed!


This shirt looks amazing, love the simplicity but so powerful. was going to buy it as a gift for a friend but wound up getting it for myself. No worries, I still got something else for my friend. XD


I tried requesting for a reprint but i think it has a problem or something. Either way, PLEASE REPRINT THIS IN S SIZE! I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS SHIRT


Love this shirt, it's just awesome.


simple yet perfect


the print looks good but black always fades the fastest


wish this came in XXL ; /

robic profile pic Alumni

gorgeous :)))


Such a great design. I would like to have it in white-on-black aswell.


bought it and a loved it,Great print and shuff, though material was really bad and faded real quickly


indeed the black faded after 2 times washing (cold wash and washed inside out ) looks weird now :-(


I love the design, but I had the same problem with fading as other people have posted. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the fading? Maybe printing it white on black?


wolfs rain right?


I had it as an iPhone 4 case and it was great but when I got one for an iPhone 5 case the whole case faded in about 2 weeks... didn't leave it in the sun or anything.

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