Cupcake Coiffure

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Sweetness meets style when cupcakes treat themselves to a day at the salon.


love this idea! super cute!


this is great. i would also say maybe have them a tiny bit larger. But other than that this is Sweeet :P


cute and fun! a tad bigger for sure.


thanks all!!

Yeah, I'll explore making them a bit larger. The trick will be doing so while still leaving enough room between them to give each cupcake their own space.


version 2: After listening to some critiques (thank you!!) I increased the size. I experimented with a few different sizes and settled on this version. I noticed that going larger than this resulted in the characters not having enough individual space. Looking forward to any additional critiques or votes for submission :)


Hello there, I really like the idea and the colors (the bright colors against the dark shirt looks nice). The thing I like best is the dimension of the pink frosting/hair on the cupcake on the left. Is there a way to add that slight detail onto the other cupcakes' frosting/hair or maybe add like ridges to the cupcake bottoms?

I know that you have already used a lot of colors... are you at the limit? This is just a thought; i dont think its worth it to rework the whole thing just to accommodate detail, just might be nice.

Good luck, i like the idea!

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you might try some pleated paper cup texture, or something to make things less flat.


cute! i have nothing to say other than submit :)

i have a submited design at scoring. if you like i would appreciate your vote and comment to my ''Smoky Whale''


Hi, I really love the colours, but I will work a bit more on the faces. They're cute but they can be also more funny ;-))) And...oh yes submit!!


Here's the latest version. Updates include:

� I cleaned up the air lines from the hairdryer � Eye details have been improved � Slight shadow now wraps the left side of the cupcake body

I'm maxed out on colors right now with 8. After much consideration, I'm confident that I don't want to change colors on the frostings/hair styles as a means to free up a color. Which means that I'm not sure if I have any other options for how to add more detail to the faces. I like how the piece is looking, but am still open to any further suggestions. Thanks!


What about put it on a onesie template, I think it would be a bit better

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Wow, what a great concept and nice illustration!



This looks great! I agree, might work better on a onesie template! I know, the color game can be hard--don't sweat it I think this version is good to submit. Nice work!


Okay, I think this might be the final version. Big credit to @SirLazyJ for the rosy cheek suggestion! An excellent idea which made perfect sense after hearing it. That's the beauty of a critique and some constructive criticism. Thank you!

I'll give it a day or so to see what people think, but I think this one's ready to submit.


So sweet! I say submit it :D

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thanks guys! gonna submit this week. i'll post the link when i do.


thanks @JetLong! returned in kind. good luck with your avocado, it's pretty awesome!

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