Roxy's music Challenge!

What's up, rockers!

I'm Roxy and I'm on my way to being a huge rockstar like my hero, Joan Jett! She had the Blackhearts, but I need you to help me finish this new song I've been working on. Got the verse down but I need a killer chorus!

Here are the rad lyrics so far:
"Got my red guitar and my lucky picks!
Gonna rock all night playin' monster licks!
Got an attitude and style to spare!
Gonna play real loud so you better beware
If ya wanna be lame, get outta my way.
Lemme hear ya now, everybody say..."


Your challenge is to write the chorus! 4 catchy lines of awesome!

I'll pick my favorite, record the song, and film a full video starring ME! If I pick your chorus, Threadless will send you:
- an iPad stocked with music apps
- a $200 Threadless gift certificate
- and a mini-puppet of me, Roxy so we can rock out together at home!

You have from now until Dec 23!

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"Yeah Roxy is on her way She's gonna be a rockstar one day She's gonna drop the beats, she's gonna go far But for now, lets all AIR GUITAR"


Don't mess. Thats for for sure. Your the cold And Im the cure!


No lames at the supermarket, No lames at the grocery store, No lames at the supermarket, Watch Out! Clean Up on aisle 4


Roll with me Roll along with me were gonna go down in god damn history


Roll with me Roll along with me were gonna go down in history


One country One nation Gonna destroy you suckers Like a dose of radiation


Gimme a One, a two, and a three My name you ask? Well it's Roxy And if there is one thing that I'd be happy to see It would be for all you people to be rocking with me


This puppet ain't in it for the bling She don't want no jewelry, don't want no rings Shes fine with her leather and her other things She may not look like much but OH MAN! when she sings


Rock n Roll is in my blood! Its in my veins Its in my puppeteer! Rock N Roll is Everywhere!


Stop, rock, and roll, You're on fire, now spread it around! Stop, rock, and roll, My only desire, to make a fantastic sound!


Rock all night! Until your ears gone flap. Rock all night! Don't look for a fight. Rock all night! Stay right with me. Rock will show U how to be free!!!


oops i made a error on the last one, i dentally put an extra "s". All fixed now though

This puppet ain't in it for the bling She don't want no jewelry, don't want no ring Shes fine with her leather and her other things She may not look like much but OH MAN! when she sings


"Shut up and listen to Roxy play She knows how to rock, every night and day She was born to be the best Her music makes everyone feel blessed"


Everyone wants to be like me We monsters like to mash and you can see Doesn't matter cause I know what's what Somebody's hand is up my butt

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Bury my soul deep in the wilderness, I guess it's time to come clean and confess. A secret so great it'll cause ya to shout, But you'll have to buy my next album to find out."


Hey Joan Jett, go get out of the way Cause Roxy's right here and she's ready to stay With her fuzzy blue face and her puffy pink doo Roxy's rock music gonna rescue you!


Rock anthem of the century here Gonna rock all night with a sense of fear Born for this, and I'm ready to play Won't let anything ever, stand in my way I'm a rock star, you heard me right I'm a rock star, gonna play it right I'm a rock star!

Jen Eclectic

Roxy Rocks! Roxy Kicks! Jammin' out Gettin' our fix!


Rock Out! No Doubt! When Roxy in yer town, everybody gettin' down. I came to have fun, so don't be a hater. You should know my name, cuz you'll be screamin' it later.


Roxy Rocks, listen to her song. Yeah, Roxy rocks, rocking all day long! Foxy pink hair, and a red guitar; Hear Roxy rockin like a star!


Hey! We are rocking till the morning light! Hey! We are brighter than the diamond's shine! Hey! Our impact's harder than buses collide! Hey Ha Hey Ha! Roxyholics come on make some noise!

juliebenitez profile pic Alumni

Roxy's here, she's the queen of rock! She's the real thing, not just some crock. She's got the rhythm, got the groove, She'll make you go and bust a move!


Puppet of Rock

"I am a puppet, puppet of rock! I am a puppet, puppet of rock! Don't let that fool you, I'm independent, No strings on me, cos I am threadless!"


The buttons to go to the next pages aren't it just me? Only when I post, it goes to the last page.


We'll rock our way to the top of the stars. Ain't gonna stop til we Rollin on mars. Gimme my guitar, and an amp full of sound. I'll get your head spinning round and around.


that was happening to me as well 30seven idk why


i know its a bit of a rip off but.....

R-O-X-Y in the USA R-O-X-Y in the USA R-O-X-Y in the USA R-O-X-Y in the USA


We're gonna rock it up! Use our luck! Drop the beat! Stand in our seats!

juliebenitez profile pic Alumni

This is what my little brother wrote: Roxy's here she gonna kick your butt I can't think of anything that ryhmes with butt Roxy's music is so cool It'll make you drool.


"Gonna knock your door down [HEY!] to sing you my jam! Got to raise my flag [YEAH!] so you'll know who I am! Kick up your boots, [HEY!] and dance with me! This is my theme song, [YEAH!] and the name's Roxyyyy!"

*The stuff in [ ] are optional audience / crowd cheers!


Roxy is a star when she sings into those mics Kick butt rocker girl with a head of pink spikes If she was on Facebook she'd get allot of likes You better run when Roxy Strikes!

juliebenitez profile pic Alumni

Come on Roxy, show us what you can do. Bring the house down, let the rockin' ensue! Heads are all bangin' and bodies are slammin'. Cannot stop it, Roxy's beat is so insaaaane!


Roxy’s back and here to stay Blast your speakers its time to slay All night, all day Come down to my show just to see my fluffy face!


Roxy’s back and here to stay Blast your speakers its time to slay All night, all day Come down to my show and see my fluffy face! ( Singing "(next verse)"


I'm here to break some hearts And melt your face With the power of rock I'm gonna Blow the roof off this place


Get dirty, feel the fuzztone buzz Go crazy, that's what rockin' does This freedom still ain't illegal yet So make this a night you swear you'll never forget


Got blue fur n' pink hurr, all soft as candy cotton, Outside I'm sweet but underneath, my guts are Johnny Rotten. Don't look so tough but all this fluff just hides a metal soul, And way down deep my black heart beats as hard as rock n' roll.


Rock the beat! Move and groove! Raise the roof! Dance like the crowd!


I love to Rock! Like an awesome jockey! Fun to strum to the beat now! Especially 'cause I'm with you!


Wooaaah rock n' roll, Everyday, everywhere til we're outta control! Grab a guitar and hold on tight, play out the rock with all of your might!


My pink hair's hot and my cotton is cool cause my Threadless shirts you know that they rule


we're gonna rock all night Roxy keeps the rythm and you dance the night away come on headbanging, come on just try it drives you crazy and scream with me

hey! i just saw you and i like you! hey! i really need to hug you and take you to my place you're gonna be suprised with my wonder space


Hey Roxy! -we're gonna rock until the day ends -then wake up, and do it all over again Hey Roxy! -this life is so sweet, you just have to love it -now put your hands in the air like you're a hand puppet


Back off - you know I'm getting restless I tried to warn you - this is getting desperate I got the strongest riffs that you ever met You can't buy this- these riffs are strictly Threadless


Just shake your head from side to side, And watch my pink hair hypnotize, Just shake your head from side to side, I'm gonna rock n' roll till the day I die!


"Threadless! Get your shirts online at Threadless! Put your chest hair away at Threadless For rocking shirts that say, get out of my way Visit Threadless! Online! Today!"

chemi hydro

If the thunder's too much, better change your direction.

Better shield your senses, Better seek some protection.

Banshees summoned to Earth, ROCK will open the ark.

Melt the flesh off your skull, then descend into dark


With fir blue like the ocean And eyes as black as night You better run, you better hide Cause Roxy is always ready for a fight

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