Roxy's music Challenge!

What's up, rockers!

I'm Roxy and I'm on my way to being a huge rockstar like my hero, Joan Jett! She had the Blackhearts, but I need you to help me finish this new song I've been working on. Got the verse down but I need a killer chorus!

Here are the rad lyrics so far:
"Got my red guitar and my lucky picks!
Gonna rock all night playin' monster licks!
Got an attitude and style to spare!
Gonna play real loud so you better beware
If ya wanna be lame, get outta my way.
Lemme hear ya now, everybody say..."


Your challenge is to write the chorus! 4 catchy lines of awesome!

I'll pick my favorite, record the song, and film a full video starring ME! If I pick your chorus, Threadless will send you:
- an iPad stocked with music apps
- a $200 Threadless gift certificate
- and a mini-puppet of me, Roxy so we can rock out together at home!

You have from now until Dec 23!

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spacesick profile pic Alumni

hey kids,

rock and roll

rock, on


Dear Spacemitch,

Let's make out.

-Michael Damian's #1 Fan


Oh god, I can only think of get your foot off my foot.


Stitched up tight, can't break free Love is the drug, it's got a hook in me OoooooOh catch that buzz Love is the drug I'm thinking of

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

umm ok.. I'm not a writer but here's my attempt. Might be a bit cliche with the sing along and dancing but I think it works heheh. :D

It's time to Rock out! Sing along with me. It's time to Rock out! Dance along with me.


We'll never grow up and we'll never get old as long as we got our rock n roll We'll do what we want, not what we're told and we'll eat a lot of ice cream.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Let's start dancin' till tomorrow, We'll rock away the sorrow, We might be fuzzy might be cutesy, But we'll party off our caboosey's!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Roxy must be the coolest fuzzball for lovin' Joan Jett


I'm gonna rock you off your socks, So stop your talkin' and walk the walk! 'Cuz these beats are hot like a fox Gonna make everyone out here ROCK~!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Roxy rocks blowing off your socks Roxy's always got a dime for the jukebox All the fellas and all the ladies know Roxy's the one rockin' the show


Lets eat some burritos. Lets bite back mosquitos. Lets sleep incognitos. Till dawn.


Nobody rocks, like Roxy does, She's hair is pink and her skin is blue, Now she shows you somethin' new, When she's rollin' in with her rockin' crew!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Let's stay up until the moon disappears, Not gonna snooze for days, weeks and years! Chow on corn dogs and chug oolong tea, Destined to be, to be a Grammy nominee!"

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Kiss six muskrats and salsa with a shark, This is the time to make a mark! Be fierce, be free, tickle a raccoon, Roxy is here to make ya swoon!"


I couldn't hear the song, anyone else have that problem?

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Roxy Rocks! (She'll melt off your face) Roxy Rocks! (All over the place) Roxy Rocks! (5 & buy's what you'll rate her) Roxy Rocks! (Refrigerator)

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I don't know if this is legal, but I have an explanation for my lyrics:

She'll melt off your face - based on one of my favorite tees Fragmented beauty

All over the place -

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Got two ideas:

Gimme that sound that shatters the night,' Rock'n'Roll music make ya' feel alright, Pink haired boogie is the sound, That's shaken this town down to the ground.


Roxy Rock breaking it down, Roxy Rock all over town, Lock up your chickens lock em' up tight, Foxy Roxy is out tonight!

Randolph Oswalt

Rock n' roll 'til your ear drums bleed! We'll ride to rock n' roll heaven, on my rock n' roll steed. Then to the gates of hell on a beam of light. No matter where we end up, we're gonna rock 'n roll tonight!!

Luigi Mario

Mama mia! I try dis!

Free fallin' like Tom Petty Meatballin' like a plate a spaghetti More than just a regular puppet Mama mia! Cooler than any muppet

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Jump to the beat, shine like the sun, Catch snowflakes on the tip of my tongue! Fireworks go off into the air, Let's all get down and do the flare!"

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Feel the sound, feel the breeze, Melt the heart, melt the cheese! Run with the wind, run with the bees, Hey, the road awaits and I've got the keys!"


corey9 on Nov 30 '11 at 1:25pm Lets eat some burritos. Lets bite back mosquitos. Lets sleep incognitos. Till dawn.


jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Nibble on bacon and pureed a steak, That is what I do to stay awake. My yawns become music, my eyes close tight, Don't need to rest, I'm ready to ignite!"

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Too tough to cry, too fuzzy to identify, Mmm. Why don't you stay for the custard pie? Too chill to dry, too flossy to sigh, Mmm. Why don't you stay for the custard pie?"

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Cause just yesterday them fools tried to blast me Saw the police and they rolled right past me No flexin, didn't even look in a puppets direction As I ran the intersection

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Imma imma a party puppet, Imma imma enchanted by a Muppet. Imma imma followin' the flow, Imma imma never lyin' low!"


Cool challenge, Roxy! Here's my first entry:

I'm kickin' in the streets and rocking even the bricks, everyone is feeling this sound so you'd better get around

I hope to come up with something better before the deadline.


Let's rock away the night, Until the morning light. Let's leave no mossy stone unturned: For Rock 'n Roll is all we've yearned.


We're not gonna sleep tonight And We're ready to pay any price Long as we got rock we'll be alright So let's dance until the morning light

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Cherish these moments, these moments, Let your soul guide you and don't think! Cherish these moments, these moments, Ooooh, ooooh. Dye somethin' pink!"


We gonna rock rock till the socks come off We gonna roll roll Cause we got soul!

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni

"I always knew that I would get my chance It didn't just occur by happenstance. Now it's my turn to lead the pack So get down and don't hold back!"


Always Rockin wild n hard as a child Roxy got emotionally scarred Pwned drones gotta know how to bow to the rocknroll Queen Rockin Sockin hobot for your retarded teenage cream-dream Did I neglect to mention I must have all the attention on me!!! ...


Ohh,move out of her way She dresses and acts like a hurricane Ohh,the weels are in motion She'll be under your skin like the sweetest poison RoxyRocks!

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

Roxy Roxy! I'm feeling foxy

Roxy Roxy! Don't put me in a boxy

Roxy Roxy! When you hang with me- you're a rocker by proxy!

Guitar solo/ encore.


I want some rock and roll nothing used and old  give me some monster beats  so I can rock these streets 


Criiiiiimp my Monnnnnnster haaaaaair tonight Youuuuuu can maaaaaaake it ouuuuuuuuta sight Doooon't try tooooo put upppppp a fight Onnnnnnlyyy Youuuuuu can geeeeeeet it right YEAH


Ohh-oh-yea-ih-yea, {chant} Roxy in the house gonna rock you now Ohh-oh-yeah-ih-yea, {chant} Roxy's on fire gonna gonna scream and shout!


This is how we rock you wanna chill go sit on a rock blam the music cause we do what we want cause this is, this is this is... how we rock.


If you can rock (lemme hear ya) You can rock (lemme see ya) Get your picks out and rock out Your tees 'r on, the beat's on Let's jet with those frets When we dance ain't no frets Gonna stop us (nuh uh) Gonna rock out (yeah)


Got nothin' better to do, than to rock your dome… Gonna kick sick licks til the cows come home… All the kids party hard and have no shame… Cause Roxy's gonna make you remember her name!


Anyone can be a rockstar Whether you're puppet, person, or race car Grab a guitar and learn a tune, You'll be like Joan Jett very soon!


Some say that rock is dead But lets just whack them in the head Some things just shouldn't be said Rock is alive, its not dead!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

"Wash the phantoms down the drain, Jet ski all the way to Kiev, Ukraine! Nothing matterz but the beat, Chomp a habanero and enjoy the heat!"

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