I made a snowman for charity

It's not made of snow though... sorry

disclaimer: I don't know who that guy is.

But the snowman was designed for charity. There are dozens of snowmen designed by artists around Toronto this holiday season and if you're around here and can find any you should take a photo because with every photo received, 2.00$ is donated to a children's foundation!

more infos here

Watch this
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oops, photo too big. This one is a better fit:

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Neat! That's an interesting way to tally up donations by photos.


Aw man, I want to take a picture with that.


that is a cool mouth

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Very cool.

Does this snowguy rotate? Looks like he can pivot, judging by these photos.


Awesome! I'm close to a lot of these.

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Hmmm! I'm not sure if these guys can pivot. I think because mine has just gone up, they may have moved him about a little bit. I haven't yet seen any of the snowmen in person. I think the organizers are planning a little roadtrip for all the artists to take press photos with their respective snowdudes.

Here's the one my boyfriend Patrick Kyle designed:

Here is another one that was at first in a hotel but it had to be moved because apparently it was making young children cry:

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Here is my favourite one, by Melinda Josie:

I wish I had had enough time to make something as intricate! Patrick and I were only basically given a few hours to make ours quickly in Illustrator. Gah. I suck at that program.

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these are all so gooood 3


Yours is slightly lacking in buttbears

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I think it's fiberglass?

Taz, I know! We had to make them 'public friendly' so I don't have any bums on mine though I did get away with some minuscule nipples.

Steve The Great

that guy is my new favorite snowman-hugging-guy.


Let's go, Mike.

Steve The Great


I think it's super cool that you're famous enough to get yourself on somebody's list to be able to do stuff like this.

mike bautista
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I was thinking about living in Canada for a while. But I need to get used to cold things. Or build a house of hugs.

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Oh jeez, it's not so much that I'm famous enough (I wish!) but one of the operators of Magic Pony (illustration based gallery in Toronto I've both worked for/sold work through) was in charge of this project and Patrick and I were last minute add-ins. We both felt pretty lucky to be part of this though! It's cool to be able to make work for such a unique project.

Toronto is fairly awesome at some things and not so much at others! It's a good city overall though.

You guys should come visit during the summer months! Ya'll could sleep over :))

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that's so cool! can i photohaus myself next to one? i have the new software so it will look cool. like the snowmen.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

Photohaus yourself INTO one.

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