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you will never believe this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahah sorry for the misleading head line i just really need a quick help !!
can any of the ones who got printed tell me what they ask u to send if u won ??? i mean like ur psd or original vector or raster document file or the jpg and png in high resolution its pretty important to know cause if its just the png or image exported i dont have to worry when am working in Photoshop or whatever program bout the layers and wat goes were and bla bla bla i think u know wat i mean,,, sooo i need a quick accurate answer please
thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heres a doodle i made today make it up for you :)

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.psd or .ai files

zenbolic vision

thanks !!! agrimony i read it once not sure i understood all ! have read it again and again,
but what i got is u send files under 40 mega,, either psd or ai,, as for stimulated process u can send a flat file which is png or jpg ?when its over 8 colors but i duno how make color separation i think they do it for u,.and to crop as much as u can in ur art work, unless it warps around no hard edges

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also another question simulated process how does it look like when its printed? is is same like silk screening? with 8 colors u choose or its kinda looking diff? whats the ups and down of it?

zenbolic vision

also do u all work in cymk of Photoshop or illustrator? and do u have certain ballet of colors? or u just use any 8 ?

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i use cmyk illustrator

and i have never bothered with number of colors, but generally i dont go over 8. usually i keep my color scheme at about 4 because im simple that way

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8 is cool for me so u can use any 8 colors u want? or u got specific colors? yah i seen ur work so simple and lovely,, i watch ur work always.. nice style and vibes in them how long u been drawing or into design is ir ur work or talent u born with for me i was born with talent to draw, and since then i love to experiment and evolve my skills but they say art is like crime doesn't payoff until u reach the top !

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you can pretty much use any 8 colors you want, threadless will do the color matching for you if they choose you to print.

im not a professional artist, so i just do it for fun for about 2 years now. just keep at it and you will improve for sure :)

zenbolic vision

haha awesome this rocks! thanks for the help ! so i just design 8 colors or less but about every colors in separate layers maybe yes maybe no also the number of them is not known also wat concerns me is on phtoshop some times u do mix of layer and one maybe multiply or burn over the over using this colors but if u remove this effect ull find a messy deal of brushes i know am not ex0planing this in good way but it just concerns me this is why for year i never done much raster designs,,, i wish they just take the png lol or jpg file sending this psd or ai under 40 mega,,,,, with tons of messy layers! i worry its get difficult to separate things cause some times u have very complicated effects and at the end u want the clean final design on transparent back ground if u get wat i mean

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I bet they get some serious headaches in the artwork department of threadless! It would be interesting to here some inside stories and get an insight!

zenbolic vision

yah man i bet ur right its a realllyy hard work specially separating colors for stimulated process

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