The Nature Of Problems

The Nature Of Problems

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Gotta agree with austin pardun, mathiole always delivers


Dig this!

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December Frost

Love it. I just wish it were on a more heather-y top like the original design seemed to suggest.

Wicked Impulse

Don't quite agree with the design in how the money is in the shape of a woman. Are women part of the problem then? Not a fan of this shirt.


So greed and sex are the nature of the problem...or the objectification of women?


I agree with other posters' criticism of the use of a woman's body. I find this shirt offensive.

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So if i used a man, would man be part of the problem? Get over with, i'm not criticizing women! Its a metaphor to mother nature


Beautiful colors. (Grape shirt!) Reminds a bit of the famed phrase, "Disregard Females, Acquire Currency." Great work!


Simple enough, if you don't like it...don't buy it! I love it :]


Love the design! To quote Pharcyde: "They say that money is the root of all evil, but not having money is the root of all evil."


id like to order any of these but i need some thing to be added like initial or 3 letters to be printed. is this possible?


it may not have been the artist's intent, but this comes off as extremely misogynistic. I am disappointed to see this shirt on threadless, and not the least bit surprised that all the submitted photos are from men.


i dig it because i'm way into history and despite it not being the artist's intent, every time i look at it i go "heh heh yeah george washingon is a total babe"

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