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Version 1 - In your eyes.rnAccidentally deleted my critiques page for this design. The design is intended to be simple, I feel like somethings are just better expressed that way.rnrnThank you all for your help and comments, Version 2- will be posted right underneath.rnrn


Version 2 has adjustments made to the cheeks, opacity was lowered, and an extra shine was added. nothing was changed on the eyebrows or lips because, although thickening them emphasized the design, I felt as if they took away the sweetness.

Thank you all so much for your help, do you guys reckon it's good to submit now?

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The only thing for me is the alignment of the eyebrows, i would have them more closely line up withthe eyes, but that is me, i have issue with symetry. looks good though, it is definately the type of design i see on threadless. good job


I would agree with 3dstudi0 with the distance of the eyebrows. Other than that i think you should submit.!

Thanks for your comments.


i like it! the cheecks look better now! im not sure about the eybrows.. maybe you could post a version with closer eyebrows so that we can directly compare them

thank you for your comment!


great, simple design.


This design is hilarious.I like how you kept it simple, but its cute and memorable.Its something that I would definitely buy for my daughter.Its not my style, but Id submit it.Its awesome.Ill vote for it if I get the chance, and hopefully you`ll return the favor.


I just tried adjusting the eyebrows closer to the eyes, it definitely brings the design more together, but it almost lost the sense of innocence I was going for and became more suggestive.

I think what I'll do is try pushing V-2 into running and submit a V-3 with closer eyebrows if otherwise.

Thanks All !


Totally dig this. It's cute and simple. I'd like to get a kids shirt of this for my nieces.


:) cute submit !

I would really appreciate if you have time to participate on Project Earth! :)

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