Family fun night had finally come 'round to the Wormenstein household. It's the one evening out of the week where everyone put down their fantasy football stats and various Apple products, and settled in for a pleasant evening together of DVDs, patty cakes and board games.

But another kind of family activity was to befall the Wormensteins this evening, for suddenly they felt their fruity dwelling rocketing higher and higher into the sky, jostling and shimmying from left to right as bookshelves and family portraits hit the floor with a clatter, the object's sharp edges piercing the apple's underground supply of juicy reserves. Mr. Wormenstein wasn't sure if the culprit was a giant earthquake, or even a Wizard of Oz-ish tornado, about to whisk their fruit-filled domicile to a distant land three orchards over.

As Mrs. Wormenstein gathered the less-than-an-inch worm children around her for safety and braced for a galactic impact, the family heard a mighty CHOMP! that filled the home with bits and pieces of apple skin, gleaming a beautiful green amongst the turmoil and confusion of the moment. Then another CHOMP! rang out, and another, and then for a refreshing change of pace they heard a CRUNCH!

As more and more of the hole was chiseled away by giant teeth, it revealed a ravenous monster, with pieces of apple staining its gruesome face and standing taller than a hundred story apple tree. The monster peered into the exposed abode, giving a glance which some would mistake for surprise and curiosity, but Mr. Wormenstein wasn't fooled in the least by the killer's feigned innocence. He knew this Godzilla-like home invader was there to suck his entire worm family down its throat with a single flick of its gigantic tongue.

Mrs. Wormenstein wasted no haste dashing towards the emergency exit the family had smartly installed during their recent renovations, thinking that if something smooshed their house from the top, they could always wriggle away into the grasslands below. But the diabolical monster was apparently much too "smart" for this ploy, and blocked the getaway with its bulbous hand in an apple death grip. Oh no!, the Wormensteins lamented as they hunkered their children close and waited for the monster to claim them as its apple-flavored appetizers...We're doooomed!

Little did they know this remorseless monster was actually an innocent child happily snacking away on a healthy apple given to him by his parents, and whose only reaction when discovering the worm-filled world within his mid-day munch was:

"Ewwwwww, what IS all this?"

I'll tell you what it is, you adorable scamp and unintentional worm family destroyer, it's the 7th collab from Tony Centeno and Frickinawesome!

Homewrecker BIG CLOSE UP

Mock Up for Powerscore users!

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THIS IS INSANE. I really, really love it, and would be surprised if it doesn't print. $5!


Terrific illo, winner collab


Tony, you are a genius!! PRINT!! 5$


awesome as always! 5$

Arinesart profile pic Alumni

great collab!! amazing!


woah! awesome illustration!


... this one is so awesome ... def 5$


... this one is so awesome ... def 5$

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Tony is amazing

( you are not bad yourself FA )

Good luck guys!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

soloyo on Nov 21 '11 Tony is amazing

( you are not bad yourself FA )

Good luck guys!

hahaha, thanks for the sterling compliment man! :p

Glad you picked up on the slight Escher homage here RL76 :)

spacesick profile pic Alumni

awesome work guys! so much detail

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Alumni

Incredible work guys - it's a fairly convoluted concept but somehow you've pulled it off with aplomb - such a treat visually! $5

Jc Fantasy

like it so muchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


This is such a cool design...red apple aswell? I'll give 5 for sure!

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