Crappy brushes with celebrity - your experiences

I'm not talking about the time you met your favourite band in the bar after the gig and spent the night partying with them, I'm after tales of those times you remember but they most definitely don't.

  • I once sat on the bus to work next to Roots Manuva.

  • I once waited in line behind William H Macy as he bought Lego at Hamley's.

  • In a crowded, scuzzy nightclub there was one free table with some long-haired grebo passed out on it, head in arms. My friend lifted his head and it was that guy from The Darkness.

  • As a kid I played Crazy Golf with Roy Walker.

  • Juliette Lewis once knocked over my pint.

  • I once ate a piece of Morrissey's Birthday cake.

Your turn...

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i saw ryan reynolds on the street, he gave us creep stare

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

I saw one of Robson and Jerome in the basement of a guitar shop in denmark street. And Dennis Wise. I saw him in town once. He's genuinely tiny.

Apologies to all US peeps who will have no idea who those people are.

jamesf profile pic Alumni

i once saw guy garvey on the northern line about five or six years ago (before elbow got big) nobody else knew who he was, but i gave him a cheeky smile.

i once saw keith chegwin in an airport. it was just after he'd done the naked gameshow thing. i shouted out "oi, cheggars! get your knob out!". to be fair i was rather jetlagged, but i think oscar wilde would have been pleased with that one.

i also abuse that welsh guy from notting hill at a super furries concert. apparently he used to be their lead singer

Steve The Great

I was in line buying underpants and Bill Clinton was behind me and I farted and then pinned it on him. Now everyone thinks Bill Clinton's farts smell like rotten pizza.

jamesf profile pic Alumni

oh, and bjork asked me for directions


i also tried to sell donnie wahlberg a raffle ticket


I saw that one Indian guy from The Guild at a Chipotle. Phil was there too. he saw.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I sold a book to Mark LaMar once - he's proper short.

Oh and I was waiting to get through security at some London airport when Natalie Portman was escorted through - she looked a bit rough and was about 4ft tall.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Oh here's a good one. I was walking home from work once when some twat in a flash sports car parks down the street blasting out Franz Ferdinand. Turns out it was Les Ferdinand. I smirked.

tesco profile pic Alumni

I once sold Gazza 60 Regal and £100 of scratchcards before telling him not to smoke on the forecourt.


I saw Flavor Flav at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas at like 2am. I think he was wearing a Tennesse Titans jersey. I yelled out, "Flaava Flaaaaaav!" real obnoxious like because drunk, and he just made this tweaked yeah-boiiii half smile. Body guard gave me a dirty look so I looked away real quick.

tesco profile pic Alumni

I said 'alright mate' to Ronnie Wood who said 'alright' back. Beat that!


Rodney Linderman bought a couple CDs at our yard/street sale.


Oh yeah, liev schreiber was on my plane home from Barbados, i could see his bald spot from my seat


i said "HI" to bobby lee, late night at a denny's on sunset blvd

we were both eating alone


i shook guy fieri's hand and told him he was shorter than i thought he'd be

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I was waiting for a friend of mine to finish up looking at purses on table near Canal Street in New York City, and was randomly peering into a small Asian food store when George Carlin walked out of it and stood for a second only a couple feet from me. I wanted to tell him so much about how much his comedy (well, early and mid years anyway, not the pissy, I'm-mad-at-everything-and-everyone bitter old man final phase) had inspired me, but all I could manage was a "Hey, George." He looked up and offered a "how are you?" as he passed by me in his gruff, unmistakeable voice. My friend who was standing less than ten feet away didn't believe me when i told her what had just happened, lol.


once, i got to hang out with jon lovitz it was a week after michael richards dropped n bombs in that night club we talked about it and he said 'i don't care what color you are, if you were threre, you woulda cracked up'


i passed by arnold shwarzennager when he was campaigning in huntington beach years back

and dude

that dude's a fly's dickhair taller than a dwarf

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni

Harvey Danger played a 'Corn Maze' in Conway Washington...I was one of about 12 people that bought tickets and showed up, I was one of HALF those people that stayed, even though it started POURING BUCKETS!! I waited behind the lead singer to use the Port-O-Crapper...I said "Occupied", he replied "Tragedy". He went in and did his business and then came out and went on his way...

jamesf profile pic Alumni

you know the guy in the computer pod that they give a mickey finn to in mission impossible movie; well i saw him walking over waterloo bridge. it made my day


in 6th grade i met former american decathlete Daniel "Dan" O'Brien.

i played football and had an art class with Colt McCoy my senior year in high school. (i was a starting CB all season, we went 14-1, because we made it to state undefeated then lost. shit happens when your quarterback chokes and his dad is the coach.)

i was on the track team in college with ex-pro baseball player Scarborough "Bert" Green.

my little ol'grandma didn't know it at the time, but she ran into Larry Bird in a crowded airport, and she asked him to spread his legs so she could walk through and be on her way.

i crossed paths and seen Johnny Knox and Bernard Scott in public numerous times before they went pro. (i even helped plaster their faces on billboards when i worked at a print shop.)


almost forgot to mention, i met jerry sandusky in 1995 on a recruiting trip to penn state. he's not a celebrity, really but he's in the news. and he never touched my butt.

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

I'm pretty sure I met Mel Gibson while wandering alone though Walmart. He asked me where something was, and I pointed in the direction I thought it might be, then said something like 'Hey, aren't you Mel Gibson?', and he's like, 'Yes. It's nice to meet you.' then walked off.

I say pretty sure because I was at a very impressionable age when it happened (between 6-10), and when I told my mom about it, she told me it probably wasn't him, so I kinda believed her. It's one of those memories that's still pretty clear in my mind, but I'm still not 100% sure it actually happened.


Bunch of celebrity sightings at Comic-Con.

jet approves

one of the guys from vertical horizon read a book to my elementary school class as some sort of program through the bank he worked at. he directed us to check out his little known band using an aol keyword, as they wouldn't have shown up on a search engine.


Bumped into Rashard Lewis back when he was a Sonic at the Walgreen's drug store. He had this crazy-ass souped-up minivan thing. It was soooo ugly!

Pete Rose was signing autographs at a sports store in the big mall at Caesar's in Vegas one time when I was there.

I think CP & Marbs saw someone famous when we were there, too, but I don't remember who it was now.

One of my bffs, Mike, pee'd next to Henry Rollins before we saw his show.

My cousin is an airline pilot and he partied with Bruce Willis one time after a flight.

One time while eating at lunch at Palomino's, my co-workers saw A-Rod also eating there. But I didn't even notice. Nor would I have cared, to be honest, lol

And yeah, when I was young, I used to do the stay behind at shows and meet bands thing allllll the time. But I've never been particularily star-struck, even back then.

jublin profile pic Alumni

I saw Kirsten Dunst at a bar and I stared and nodded and she looked around and stared and eyebrow wiggled and that was it.

I punched Garfield off the table once.


I had the misfortune of sitting across the aisle from Billy Baldwin on a flight from New York to Toronto. He kept looking around the cabin like he was just dying for someone to recognize him, and when someone finally did, he just went on and on telling one boring story after another. I was so annoyed, I almost punched a baby.

jet approves

gene shalit ate at the restaurant i used to work at and asked me for a cup of ice on his way out. he said,"thanks, you're a princess."

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

When I was in London, 11 years ago, I was walking down the Oxford street and Noel Gallagher just walked by me, a minute later I've seen both Pet Shop Boys by the atm machine and a minute later I've seen one member from band Travis just crossing a street, it was crazy but I don't know maybe that's an everyday thing in London to see someone famous..

jillustration profile pic Alumni

RyderRevolution, HorsefaceDee and I saw Vince Vaughn through the window of the Original Pancake House in Chicago last year. We were eating outside and he was inside with a bunch of people (family?)

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I physically ran into Zach Galifinakis at SXSW 4 years ago. I was turning the corner and not paying attention as he was coming out of a club. I apologized and then though. Hmm he looked familiar.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I met a bunch of famous people when I ran a video shop but I'm not counting them since they weren't really chance meetings. Although having RIDLEY SCOTT rent a DVD from me was pretty bizarre.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

3 years ago at SXSW I was sitting in a guy's backyard listening to some group "Peggy sue and the pirates" and I hear this girl next to me singing along with an accent. I look over and it was Kate Nash and Ryan Jarman without thinking, I said "Kate?" and she looked over at me. I was like... ummmm, "hi". because I didn't really have much to say to her. Anyway, the group of girls I was chilling with were like OMG that's KATE NASH, and I was like...yeah. but then I needed a drink so I went and got one, and one of my friends was a total creeper and snapped a shot of them with my camera, and it's one of my most viewed photos on flickr. weird.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

got to speak to eliza dushku at this charity event, and her huge ass bf rick fox whose handshake pretty much broke my hand.

watched anna faris taping her latest movie in the north end.. then saw chris evans, her co star, just standing around so i got to say hi and shake his hand

saw danny glover at the airport a couple years back

some guy from the sopranos.

a couple of ladies from that show americas next top model but i think its not fair to call them celebrities

and james franco was in line at starbucks in the city

myteemo profile pic Alumni

I saw John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn at Disneyland.

When I lived in Hawaii, I ate shrimp from a shrimp truck with Tiffany. Although I doubt any of you would remember her. I also met Tommy Lee when he was hanging out at Pearl Harbor.

I once met actor Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan!) when his band was touring. He was a pretty nice dude.


Oh yeah, we saw Nick Cannon at Disneyland. He was filming the Disneyland Christmas Day Parade or whatever.


ArTrOcItY on Nov 15 '11 at 1:37pm When I was in London, 11 years ago, I was walking down the Oxford street and Noel Gallagher just walked by me, a minute later I've seen both Pet Shop Boys by the atm machine and a minute later I've seen one member from band Travis just crossing a street, it was crazy but I don't know maybe that's an everyday thing in London to see someone famous..

I think it might just be what happens in London. Bob Geldof told a story like that when he was trying to get the Band Aid single together. Like he just randomly bumped into Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet in the street one day and told each of them that the other one was already doing it so they'd have to as well. Or maybe celebrities all hang out in some exclusive place and he was only there because he's a celebrity too.


When I was in Venice, there was this classic Ferrari parked in St Mark's square and one day this crowd of people and cameras and microphones just appears out of nowhere surrounding someone. I see this little Italian kid goes running through the crowd, pushes his way through to the front then appears out of it again and his father catches up with him and asks "Schumacher?" The kid just slumped his shoulders like it was the saddest thing ever, sighed and said "No."

So I guess I saw whoever was the Number 2 Ferrari driver at the time at some sort of preplanned publicity event.


Once I told Australian Today Show entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins where he could buy socks. He was orange.


We saw John Ritter at a restaurant in LA when I was sixteen. He dropped a quarter, and my uncle's aunt-in-law picked it up, and my sister still has it.

We also saw Steve Guttenberg at a celebrity tennis charity game thing during that same trip. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were playing with two tennis pros (Pete Sampras might have been one? I don't remember.), but we didn't get very close to them. Guttenberg was within five feet!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

So, seriously I love how timely this blog is. I just peed next to Owen Wilson. He came into the restaurant I was at, as I was on my way to the bathroom. and we were in the bathroom, and I pissed next to him. but guy code maintains that you don't talk in the bathroom, so I didn't say anything to him.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Went out to dinner and as we were leaving the restaurant William H Macy and his wife were going in. I once also was out to lunch with my boss and some coworkers in Florida and Hulk Hogan and his daughter were there. Umm... My coworkers and I were having lunch at Fred Segal in Santa Monica and us And the few other diners were asked to exit the place so Paris Hilton could pass through the restaurant to get to the store. I once sat next to Dee Snyder on an airplane and didn't know who he was. :/

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