The Centipede Human

The Centipede Human -- A Children's Story

This is the story of the Centipede Human,
An Average Joe who was always on the run.
He was late for his work, and late for his lunch.
He was late for supper, and late for Sunday brunch.

Late one evening, he caught a late-night movie.
A horror flick that was pretty darn campy.
The blood and the gore gave his heart quite the burden.
And that's what ended the late Centipede Human.

Hope you enjoyed my light-hearted, GP-version of "The Human Centipede". I haven't seen the actual movie, but I'm guessing that's what it was about. Share the fives if you've got any! :D

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So very pleasantly unexpected. Awesome!


Nice colors an great style! Definitely like this one.

sirdiddymus profile pic Alumni

Thanks, guys! This shirt has probably gotten me the most unique response of from people. Really interesting :D

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