First design rejection :(

My submission has been rejected for the second time. I only got a generic response the same as the first time so that's no help as to why.
If anyone has time, have a look at my design in the Critique section-

I need some feedback, I think it's good enough to go to the vote but Threadless doesn't agree with me.


Watch this

He only has five legs.


SJ27- ha! yeah I know. It looked too awkward trying to squish another leg in.


oh don't worry about getting rejected, one of my designs got rejected more than I can count, so let's just say 10ish or more. I started leaving little messages to the people there in the description. It was fun. With enough tweaking they let it through if you try for long enough. And yes it did eventually go up for scoring =)


also: red cross = red cross on white.. white cross on red = swiss flag..


Thanks FlyingMonkeyMan, I'll keep at it.

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