Meta Animal Shirt

  • by robbielee
  • posted Nov 09, 2011

Watch this
robbielee profile pic Alumni

It repeats after it gets to a monkey, so I think that means you're a monkey. rnrnThanks for any feedback!rnrnR


Great! I really like your design. Just to be consistent with the design it would be perfect on a v-neck Tee.

Please also check my link Design


Actually, I know your first design was on green, but I quite liked it on green. You can submit it with both, you know. I don't think it can go into print with both, but I do prefer green. I say submit, by the way, nice job.


I'm not really into the whole meta thing but nice illustration! (I'd go with the purple)


Wicked. :) Love the illustration and the colour too. Submit!

If you'd be so kind, please take a look at my design 'Born to fill' up for critiques! Cheers!


I can't pick between the pruple and green....both look really good. If I really had to!

I like illustration. pretty cool! sub!

please checkout my work :)


cool :) this purple version is defo beter than the green one !

I would really appreciate if you have time to participate on Project Earth v.4! :)

robbielee profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone. I just subbed it. (on purple) BUT I mention that it looks good on green, too.

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