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holy joy divison homage


So happy to see this got printed!!


stolen. i can't believe you made THOUSANDS of dollars ripping off the joy division. good job, hack.er....

(i made an account just to comment on THIS shirt. kudos to you for frustrating me enough to involve myself.)


OH MY GOD. I don't know if I love this or hate it....


Man, why the hell did they take off the part about New York being a city of unknown pleasures? That was the best part! D;


IC-Three says " Any anyway joy division didn't make any of it it was Peter Saville http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Saville_%28artist%29 " Oh come on man ! Are you serious ? Did you really think like mick jagger draw the " Tongue and Lip " logo by himself ? Should I explain to you how its work ?

Anyway , this shirt bothers me . It's sure a really cool idea and a nice shirt but i wasn't expect threadless to print those kind of tribute/rippoff tees ( there is a lot of other site who's deal with this ) . Or does joy division's design is become such an iconic figure that it allowed designers and printers to use it like mario and stars wars refenrences ? Hum ... like MG3 , I don't know if I love this or hate it.

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"good artists copy great artists steal"

:DDD ohh guys.. you made me such a good time! Thanks for your comments! on my way to do another ripoff!


This is an abomination. You can hide behind the 'great artists steal' line, but you sir, are no 'great artist.'

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im not hiding behind the 'great artists steal' line, im wearing it. it is tattooed on my huge forehead. just under the text 'I AM A F***ING GREAT ARTIST'.


were ian curtis still amongst the living, i'm pretty sure he'd tear you apart. again. and again. AND AGAIN. ugh.


This is a disgrace. Threadless, I'm ashamed that you actually let this even get voted on. It's clearly not his work. Just because he squares off some of the peaks and valleys doesn't make it his own. Anyone who wants the original and much superior design should go to eBay and do a search for 'Joy Division Unknown Pleasures' and you'll see for yourselves just how little imagination this Richard guy has. This is perhaps one of the most iconic and recognizable designs in all of music and for you to try and pass it off as your own and profit from it is disgraceful. It's odd though because I went to this artist's website portfolio and he's actually very good! Why he chose this design to submit, I will never know. But he has so many illustrations that deserve looking at. So Richard, try submitting some of you other designs. This one is taken.


haha people can't even tell the difference between plagiarism and a homage. that's sad.


how anyone can say this is a homage must be nuts. Totally stolen idea, lacking orginality and not what threadless should be about. It also makes me very sad that the designer has chosen to respond to this criticisms in such an wanky way

... not good, not good at all.


Really wish I had bought this tee when it was released. Hunted it down to request a reprint and discover all the dumb comments below. Anyone who says this is plagiarism is stupid. Its a parody!

par·o·dy (pr-d) n. pl. par·o·dies 1. a. A literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule.

It's using the STYLE of the Joy Division cover to re-create the New York City skyline as part of a competition for city themed submissions.

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