I'm going to be an extra in an episode of a new reality TV show.

So, I decided to wear a Threadless shirt during filming. I better get my four seconds of face (and shirt) time!

Watch this
death by crayon

Nah. It might actually be worth watching if alcohol, more specifically the distilling process, interests you.


Why would they need extras in a reality show if it's not scripted?

death by crayon

I guess I used the term "extra" loosely. Sorry for the confusion. What should I call a role that's not featured and most likely won't get much airtime?

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That's great! Best of luck!

Extra is probably the best term. Here in New York they'll need folks to fill in scenes all the time for unscripted shows! Hope that you get on camera and the shot makes the cut!


Just walk like a crab, always facing the camera to make sure the shirt gets a full view onscreen

death by crayon

Thanks guys. We filmed last Thursday actually. I wore Sea Foam Sea Turtle. I will definitely post a clip of the show once it airs and if the shirt is in the little segment. fingers crossed

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