New Tees fit DIFFERENT!!!

I've been meaning to writes blog for a while now. Threadless Has been changed their shirts a few months back. The new shirts are bigger ive noticed in my small shirts and my shirts i buy my dad XL. Both seem longer leaving a kind of skirt that didn't happen before.

Also i always loved the detail on the tags were the design was put with the credits but now the credit tag on the shirt is just the name. :( I always thought those tags were cool.

Overall a little dissapointed for the fact that all my new t shirts fit funny and im havin to modify them. My past shirts fit perfectly.

Anyoneelse having that problem?

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

yeah, theres a couple blogs about this :/

it sucks

parallelish profile pic Alumni

they need to go back to american apparel tees, those fit perfectly. i have to get all of mine altered now

agrimony profile pic Alumni

they do, but its just the name now :( it used to be a nice close up shot of the design

JacquesMaes profile pic Alumni

Heh... I recently received some shirts that I thought were mislabeled because the Medium sizes felt like Large. Another shirt I ordered in the same package felt normal though, but for both of them being Mediums... the difference between them was pretty huge.

tesco profile pic Alumni

threadless, you've changed!

seeing how they'd do the labels used to be one of the many magical things with this place. nowadays it's all about the money, the brazen corporate whores! I'm deleting my account.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

tesco on Nov 03 '11 at 11:42am threadless, you've changed!

seeing how they'd do the labels used to be one of the many magical things with this place. nowadays it's all about the money, the brazen corporate whores! I'm deleting my account.

Hey now, I used to do every single one of those by hand. But since we decided to print more shirts a week (giving you people more money) it just got too overwhelming.

What do you want more prints or a little label no one sees to have a 1" piece of a design that you are already wearing? :p

randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni

Honestly I havent had a problem with any of the shirts I have bought recently and neither has anyone who I have ordered them for :S

tesco profile pic Alumni

OBVIOUSLY YES. As far as I'm concerned your sole task in life is to satisfy my grossly inflated sense of entitlement.


I like the way the new ones fit, and I agree SpeedyJoe should be Dan's slave.


read a couple blogs about the same problem now. that's too bad they changed the credit labels...really appreciated that too. hmmm, not sure how i feel about the switch up of tees, but i guess i will find out the next time i order. :S

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

All the shirts I have bought from threadless(buying since 2009) are Guys Large... and almost every single one fits different. I thought that was a normal thing but now I see I was wrong, haha. Do they run out of one type of tee and then use another one? Or do they use different types for different types of printing?

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Yeah, sizing and material quality is totally random and generally not good and the worst shirts are horrible. I've got some which I just haven't worn at all.


"little label no one sees to have a 1" piece of a design that you are already wearing?"

'll take that any day of the week rather than more prints of the same shirt, hell I'd probably pay more if you numbered them and did super limited runs, surely part of the reason threadless used to sell out tee's every single time was because the runs were limited.

I mean how many tee's do you actually print in an average run these days?

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

thanks for reminding me. i've got to send a tee back cause the fit is terrible!

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Used to be that Made in India was always the culprit. Thin, loose and dress length. But now sometimes there are normal-fitting India tees and it's like I don't know if I should believe in Jesus anymore.

robber ducky

2 out of 3 shirts I have that were made in India are dress length, the other one fits perfectly.

StevenRice profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments! I understand threadless has a lot of work but maybe triyng to slow down and make sure most if not all the shirts are in the right sizes.

The attetion to detail and the limited runs is what threadless great. (the labels were a nice touch but im cool if they dont want to do it anymore) Its the sizing that could really hurt their sales.


I havw given away about 5 shirts that were too narrow and long. They have since been turned into bags cos they were totally unwearable :(


Soooo the labels weren't automated like the rest of the t-shirt printing?

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Are staff taking these comments seriously? I don't imagine they're brushing it off, but I haven't seen any response in the blogs at least, and it looks like guys' stock is trending towards everything being Made in India, judging from the newest product photos and my latest orders (only two designs were on Mexican shirts, and they were further back in the catalog). I thought I was just being a Complainy Complainerson with a few people echoing my sentiment about sizing, but it's not just a few people.

I'm looking at the Secret Lake page and the last ten people are all disappointment with ginormous sizing. One user says they won't likely shop threadless again. These are serious comments.

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well I've been LOVING the way my past couple of shirts have been fitting. My "Hi 5" and "Plaid-ypus" both fit and feel like a dream Almost as nicely fitting as the tees from the other place which shall not be named...


"Its the sizing that could really hurt their sales."

I used to buy threadless all the time (and no other tee site). The new shirts I bought in Dec 2011 were awful. I've since bought from other sites instead.

I'm trying again today. I hope the improvements beanie-o mentions worked.


... so disappointed.

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