Nice Melons

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I wanted to find out if there are people out there who would wear this sort of illustration... It's something I was playing around with on a rainy day.


I like the idea but I don't think many will dare to wear this


I personally like the text but the inner melon faces could use detailing, subtle but needed i think. its daring and i like it personally!

If you have a second a new version of Happiness is a Warm Gun is up and I'd love if you could take a look!


I saw another critique a few days ago with almost exactly the same only it had 2 small watermelons instead of the 2 halves. I cant remember if it said "nice melons" or maybe it was "check your melons"...but it was very similar. Im sure this idea has been done many many times. Google "melons t shirt" and you will most likely see a few. Tough to have ideas that havent been done already. Ive had it happen to me a few times. i always google my ideas now to make sure i m not repeating someone elses. Good luck though


Thank you all,

Yeh I knew it would have been done before - just fancied playing around with the idea.


I don't think it needs the text. Work on the line work of the melons and maybe try adding some seeds.

I need feedback on Eye of Stewron

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