Zip Shortcuts

Zip Shortcuts

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What did I tell you about bein' on a roll? You'll have a Select in no time!


As a PC man, I feel conflicted about wanting this.


Command? Naw dogg, it's all about Control


How I get the awsome T-Shirt that is under the jacket ?....It is incredibly fantastic, I love that tiger built whith animal shadows.... :O


Better order 1 size up! Although description says "regular fit" this hoodie is very tight. I usually order all my tees here in Medium, but this medium hoodie was a bit too tight.


I'm confused. Why are the commands backwards?

Command+O = Open File. Command+W = Close Window

So why is:

Command+O = Zipper closed Command+W = Zipper open


+1 for Canubis better order 1 size up


@robbie ..because when the 'zipper' is closed, you want to hit 'C+O' to open it, and vice-verse.

I am a rocket scientist.


The sweater itself is really comfy... but due to the fact that there is now a sign that says close pointing to my crotch, and one that says open pointing to my face my friends have decided that it's a reference to oral sex.

Great sweater, would exercise caution when wearing it in a high school.


Hopelessly waiting for a PC version.


Haha! if you don't wear anything inside the can go "commando" !!!

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