so how...

do i get one when all sold?? how long does it take to reprint?? help want help want help want....

Watch this

I've been waiting more than a year for some stuff I like. I'm quite sure some things will never get re-printed.
But I'm sure this one will, just not straight away.


Sometimes other sites buy them from here and sell them (at higher prices..). Try Google.


people really love this shirt when you wear it around. it's a beautiful simple design, and it's devilishly funny


Someone keeps drawing a really detailed, accurate version of this on the dry erase board in my English room. Crazy.


^ you know there's plenty of weird people out there



i want this. i want it in gold and i want it now!!


There's a store right down the street from me that carries Threadless shirts. Try looking into your friendly neighborhood independant t-shirt store.

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