Threadless shirts - now poorer quality than ever before

I have been buying Threadless tees for a long time, and now have over 40. Generally they've always been great but recently I bought a batch of tees and noticed a major difference. I bought 7 tees in the recent sale and when I recieved them I instantly noticed that the shirts are MUCH thinner than ever before. On the dark tees it's not such a problem, although how long they will last when they are this thin is questionable. However, with the 2 white tees I bought, I am constantly showing my nipples off to the world! They are so sheer that I actually can't wear the white ones without wearing something else on top of them. I have complained to Threadless and they did say I could return them but I'm in the UK and return postage will be more than the price of the tees. They also said they are still experimenting with tee materials.

The tees are also very long compared to previous ones I have bought. I always buy medium, even though I am 6ft5in tall, but even on me these tees extend way, way below my waist.

I'm not sure if Threadless are trying to say money or if they genuinely thought this tee choice was wise. Either way, it's not good enough. It will stop me buying any more tees until they change them.

Add your thoughts if you've recently bought some tees. Have you suffered the same problem? are yours high-quality, and substantial?

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SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

I just checked an older tee and a more recent one and the recent ones do feel thinner. I haven't found this to be problematic for me.

In the past I've had issues with the shirt cuts and how they shrink, but recently I've felt pretty happy with what I get.

Sorry that your experience is nipple-y. They may try out some different blends and styles and what nots, so hopefully a future style will work for you.

Do you want to exchange your shirts for other things? I think Threadless will reimburse shipping costs for exchanges.


Yikes. I think I'll remember that when looking at the white tees. I buy them for my kids all the time but haven't bought many for myself recently.

Pink Glasses

I totally agree! =(

I've also been buying threadless shirts for a long time and have a bunch and I recently bought some and noticed a difference in quality. I bought a shirt that has been reprinted a few times and some new ones. I usually buy a small in girls and they usually fit really well but the newer designed shirts were extremely long- like way below my hips. They were also pretty thin. The other shirt I bought however which had a design that has been around for a while fit perfectly and was of good material.. I'm thinking I might just exchange the shirts for a smaller size and see how it goes.


I have the same problem! They are thinner and longer than ever. Is it because of the sale?

andyg profile pic Alumni

I agree. The shirts I bought back in 2006 from Threadless are still the best quality. They should go back to whatever brand those were.

jet approves

I don't really like the cut of AA shirts. They look a little boxy on me whereas other threadless shirts go in more at the waist.

jet approves

Ideally, it would have the shape of the more fitted threadless shirts and the thickness of AA

robber ducky

I'm new so I have no idea how the older shirts look and feel, but in my experience those shirts made in India seem to be the culprit. But not all of them. I have one made in India shirt that's fine, in fact it's my favorite so far.

Also there are a couple more recent blogs that talks about this issue.

I hope threadless pays attention to this because i have A LOT more shirts that I really want to buy but right now I'm very hesitant.


print on carhartt I know it'll never happen but I can dream


i've read so many blogs similar to this one that i've become apprehensive about making a shipment. My cart is piling up with designs I want but can't seem to justify buying when there have been so many complaints. :S


i hope threadless sorts this out in time for the Christmas season.

robber ducky

If you're buying hoodies and select it's fine. It's the shirts that are somewhat problematic. Like throwing the dice, you could get lucky like I did in one package or you could get snake eyes like me again in the other.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Funny i just thought to myself recently how much i enjoy the latest threadless shirts I have gotten, they are thinner but they seem nearly double as silky soft as previous ones, so it's a trade off for me I'm cool with.


i love threadless and i hope they will fix this problem, and threadless should be more specific with the shirt size, i have order a medium tee before, but they don't have the same size, the quality is also a problem, but its okay if only the size fits me well, please put some specific details, quality,size,and where it made from.

please do inform us of your updates regarding this problem..


I actually wish all the tees were the longer length. I'm a girl and 6 ft tall, so the old threadless shirts I have are uncomfortably short, especially after they've been washed. The problem I've had is that the lengths are vastly different depending on the color. I'll order a medium in silver and it is the perfect length, but a blue shirt bares my belly. Hopefully, this will change once they switch to a single brand (and keep the longer length, pretty pretty please!).

Farnell profile pic Alumni

I agree, the quality isn't as good as before, the sizing is also off and unpredictable. Designed a shirt for T-shirt store and they sent me a couple the other day, the first shirt I have had from another company for a long time and there is a big difference in quality.

Love threadless but it is so important that the quality is kept high


Design is great, but the quality is like bollocks. I have been buying for 3 Christmas and I have to reconsider this for the next Christmas.

I bought more than 10 tees this round, the quality difference is obvious when compared with the past.

  1. It's too thin.
  2. It's too long, and as I'm a shortie, I can wear it like overall-skirt now.
  3. The colors ran off with one wash, this is deeply disappointing.

Me and my boyfriend ordered three shirts each the other week and I instantly noticed the quality was not up to standard.

The fabric is thinner and the printing of the actual motif seems harder and not as 'at one' with the fabric, I don't know whether the printing process has changed or just that it feels weird on the different fabric.

I've noticed a rise in prices and it was the first time I'd ordered in quite a while, so we took advantage of the $9.99 sales offer.

The neckline on one of my boyfriend's shirts, after the first wash, has stretched, and the length of the tee has increased.

Please sort it out! It's not worth losing customers to save a bit of money on production costs.

Is there anything that can be done to rectify this?


I got to agree with you. I've been buying threadless tees for a couple years now and love the designs, but frankly the quality of the most recent batch of tees (which just arrived) are rather disappointing. The print on the older tees i have bought are very smooth with the t-shirt fabrics so that you don't really feel the paints. The new tees have rather harsh feeling paints.

The actual t-shirts are also much thinner and the feel isn't the same as some of my older tees. I have a favourite threadless tee which i've washed many many times and it still keeps its shape well and feels great. I can tell already that these new tees aren't going to wear the same way.

If the quality of the tees don't improve, i have a feeling that i'll stop spending my money on threadless merch. I love the threadless designs but i find that the quality of the merch to be more important than the design.

Please go back to the old t-shirt fabrics and screen printing paints.


Just got a batch of clearance T's and they are very thin - all except one. I can't see any difference on the site in description of the quality level between the thin ones and the single decent one.

Bit dissapointed. Wife doubly so. Trying to get permission for some zany tshirts will be harder next time.


Sameshirts... I ordered 5 T-shirts on last 9.99 sale and I'm very disappointed with its quality... The fabric is very thin that would considered good here in Israel but the quality is very low, its loosing its form after first wash. The collar band also very low quality and stretched after few wearings. The only OK about these shirts is a print. I just wondered is this low quality Tshirts only because of sale price and if i buy full priced items I can expect good quality T-shirts?


just got the "From Russia With Love" shirt and holy shit is it different than the "Gay Pride" shirt i bought about 2-3 years ago. that shirt is super soft and thicker and the perfect length but this new shirt is weird.. the ink sits stiff on the shirt and its super long.. and thin.. gotta wear an undershirt with this puppy!

Threadless, please fix!


Gonna have to jump on board with the gist of this thread. Long time threadless shopper and the latest batch of tees I received were noticeably thinner!

This was especially noticeable when I went to hang my sunnies off my collar. With my previous tees this was no problem but with the newer tees the collar would sag heavily into a V basically. It's quite concerning as I'm worried what will happen to these tees when I put them through the wash as well.


I feel the same way about my most recent Threadless shirt. I have at least a dozen from them and this one has a badly stretched collar and feels thin and flimsy. I was really enthusiastic about Threadless shirts, but now I'm not so sure. Is there any way they can go back to the AA shirts? I'd certainly be willing to pay a little more for that quality.


Oh Threadless what have you done.. best designs on the net and the worst t-shirts.

I ended up spending around $60 on various medium and large sizes and not one of them fits. Please give us the option of AA or something of equal quality even at an increased price. These t-shirts are going in the charity bin, hopefully someone will be happy with them :)


threadless i have to say something:

at first i was like :( about the new shirts. now i am like :) they are comfy and soft as hell.


totally disappointed with my t-shirts. I bought two Large t-shirts and they are both different sizes, one is longer and narrower than the other, both fit me, but are so thin you can nearly see through them. I won't be returning them as I am in the uk but I also won't be buying anymore!


Good to see I'm not alone. I'll join the list of complaints and rants :)

I've got some shirts that are going on 4-5+ years, and still OK. (though some of these were the quite thick ones, and I wouldn't go back to those).

Others I bought a year or two ago - were spot on. The fabric was great. Soft got good quality.

Then there's the ones I bought just before christmas (8 I think)... Some are the older (AA? quality) but others are extremely thin. Their comfy, but feel like they've been worn for 30 years and might fall apart in the next wash.

I just put it down or can accept it, due to the sale.

I've bought a lot of shirts over the years, and this is the first batch where the quality has disappointing. I feel most sorry for the designers though, must be disapointing.

Request: Be consistent with your shirts. And if there's a mix of styes/quality just clearly state it. I don't mind ownign a few thin shirts.

It's like if all your shirts were sold as 'random colour' and I end up with all my shirts being green ... not fun.

inkdummy profile pic Alumni

I really love how the recent tees are longer and smoother, but frankly - those awesome things really don't matter when you can see my areolas through the tee (regardless of colour - except for black).


As a new user debating purchasing, I appreciate this topic and hope people continue to keep it up to date by posting their experiences. There are a few shirts I have fallen in love with, but am hesitant to purchase due to everything I am hearing about the shirts being thin.

Considering the $4.99 shipping, (which is more then I pay on other sites I get tees from- and I normally don't pay more than $12 something total) I would expect the tees to be at least comparable quality to other sites- which would be lightweight but not super sheer, at least not on dark colors.

Beanie-O: Thanks for keeping us updated on the shirt status. It's an important issue. Still sounds like thinness is an issue, so please continue to keep us updated on the progress of dealing with that.


i'm also not a fan of people seeing my areolas, but it usually only happens with light colours and when the size comes up a bit tight.


After promises late last year that, as of January 2012, the t-shirt quality would be a lot better I recently ordered Abbey Road in guys medium. It arrived. Sadly, whilst the fit is better, the thinness of the tee and the ability to see not only my nipples but even the colour of my skin through the tee shirt is just as bad as it was last year. I'm not sure if this tee was just missed in the supposed clearout or if the 'new' tees just aren't any better. Either way, VERY dissapointed again.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

If you mean Abbey Road in New York, I think that was last reprinted around December so it probably isn't on the new tees.


I just received a shipment, and the quality was abysmal in comparison to an AA one I bought a year or two ago.

It's completely see-through. I also had the same length issues as described here, again, wasn't a problem with the AA shirt.

Sending everything back. Very disappointed. Opened a ticket with Threadless to have them refund my shipping back to them. I don't think this is my fault at all (apart from trusting them, I guess...).


I've been buying for a long time and the recent tees are both too thin and too small... a female 2XL used to fit perfectly before and I've still got loads of tees I bought a few years ago, in perfect nick. The new ones are tight around the mid section, see through and the print is too hard for them... not cool. I'd really love it for Threadless to go back to what it used to use [AA?] even if it meant a slightly higher price.


I just received an important order, I don't what it was like a few months ago, but what I got is seriously disappointing. Too thin, too long, too large ...

I was always coming back to threadless because I knew what I was buying, well surprise... I was excited to receive my new awesome tees, now I don't even know if I will be wearing them !

So like I said, I don't know what it was like a few months ago, so maybe I got some of the old batch, maybe not, but I sure hope this is not there way of fixing things up.

I won't order anymore until I can be sure of the quality, so I guess I won't order anymore.

I just want the old tees back :(


I wish Threadless would specify the kind of t-shirt on the product's page. This was something they did in the past , "on Fruit of the Loom tee" "on American Apparel," "on Threadless" etc and you knew exactly what you were getting and could make an informed decision. Then they introduced "Fine Jersey" etc and now "regular fit" and it's just meaningless. I guess you're not using "brands" now but at the very least knowing where the tee was made could help. They've been coming from all different countries last I bought one.

Anyway I haven't bought a tee in ages so I don't really know what it's like now, that's a financial necessity for me at the moment it's not based on declining quality and I would certainly rather have a design I liked than bother too much about the tee it's on, but not knowing what to expect is still a real turn-off. I hope the new site will take this into account and give customers this info.


well not only thin but they also shrunk at least 1 size after washing...

I bought the Know your geeks and Wolf Pizza shirts - if that's any help. Both thin, both shrunk after washing... disappointing indeed.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

@Intervain, that's kind of weird about those two shirts. They should be on the newer better quality blanks. I got the reprint of Aliens Gave My Cat A Beard!, a black tee like those two, and the shirt quality is LEAGUES better than the first edition of the same design. The new blanks have a tighter weave and so are not thin, and should be stamped with Made in USA.

Staff have said they're using the new blanks for all newly printed designs since the new year, and recently they got rid of the poorer quality shirts. Yet in my latest order I still have some Made in India (Lonely Robot Dirty Mind, Robot Tacos and they both came out in 2012). Plus I have a couple of suspect shirts that say USA but definitely don't feel like the new blanks (Monkey Around Issues 2 and 4). Issue 2 is a white shirt and another white one I got, Beauty or Beast, is a lot better (again tighter weave, better feel and 'weight'). Comparing the two white tees, you cannot convince me that Issue two is on the new blank.

So while the continued inconsistency is bothersome, I am happy with the steps Threadless have taken to address the issue on shirt quality, and I'm really pleased with the new blanks.


Just found this thread after receiving 4 Tshirts today. Pretty disappointed about the thickness of the material. These are really thin by any standard. And because they're so lightweight... it has the effect of making the Tshirt seem looser and baggier.

Oh, and like others have been saying- they're pretty long. About an inch or 2 longer than the Tshirts I got a few years back.

Not sure I'll buy from Threadless in the future. At least not without researching to see if the quality has improved... and I shouldn't have to do that, just to buy a Tshirt.


+1 here. Just bought 4 shirts, the difference in t-shirt quality is pretty annoying. Also, medium size now seems to be a little too long for me.


@Morkki- Thank you for the link to the news article about Threadless getting rid of the problem tees. Maybe they can be donated or something-just so they don't go to waste. At least maybe some of the better ones.

Still hearing a thinness issue and that perhaps some of the problem tees crept through. so if possible, it'd be helpful if the site did indeed specify the shirt type/brand, as SJ27 said. I'm still waiting a bit to place an order till I hear a few more good reviews.

I like that the new blanks say "Made in the USA" though. :)


Same problem for me. I just got 2 is twill and one is white. The twill feels a tad bit thicker, but since it's darker, it's not sheer. The white one is just threadbare and sheer as heck. Not pleased and am going to be asking for a refund.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

I realised that when they said they're using the new blanks for all newly printed tees since the beginning of the year, it didn't mean that every design released since January 1st is on the new blank. Accounting for printing time, etc. So I take back my previous gripe about the white Monkey Around shirt.

The new blanks really are excellent quality.


I've been using from Threadless since 2008 and have bought quite a few shirts (40 plus) all of which have been excellent quality.

But the last order I placed came in a week or so ago and I have to say that the quality is so poor that had I been a first time customer I would have walked away and never bought again.

To help track the issue (as I see that these shirts have allegedly been removed from the shop) I'll include the ones I purchased here:

1- Vote Imperial (quality lower than expected, very thin) 1 - Doctor Hoo (quality lower than expected, very thin) 1 - The Madness of Mission Six (quality way below expectation, the shirt is incredibly thin and fits badly) 1 - Mister Mittens Big Adventure (as above, awful, awful quality)

I'm saddened because I have been after theMadness of Mission Six short for a while and I always seem to miss each reprint, the one I have now is awful = I was expecting the same quality shirt as I bought when I ordered in 2010 (Three Dimensions of Terror) or in 2011 when I ordered the TARDamask shirt.

I would have returned them, but postage would be costly from The Netherlands and luckily as I picked these shirts up on clearance I didn't pay full price..

I'm very disappointed, especially with theMadness of Mission Six shirt - I'd like Threadless to verify the next runs will be better quality and I'll watch the forums closely to se if that actually happens before I order again..


I've had to return 5 or 6 t shirts from threadless recently because of the shirt quality and length. The material is definitely thinner and longer. However it does seem that there are at least two different manufacturers of t shirts as I ordered some recently and the quality was much better. I still don't think its fair on customers, especially like the OP and I who are from the UK. We spend a lot i on postage and receive inferior products, if we decide to get a refund we do not receive return postage for an inferior product which threadless acknowledges.

I'm male and the recent tshirts I ordered in a medium fit me like a maxi dress. I have made another order in the recent 24 hour sale, if the tshirts are that same inferior quality and size I will have ti stop shopping with threadless.

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