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So I did this little doodle for the Halloween season. It's been getting some traction on the interwebs. The original goal was to try and get it done well before halloween, but I failed big time with that. Does it make sense to still submit it to threadless soon, or do I wait?

If you like, its also for sale at Society 6 as a poster.

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I feel like The 80's Teenager could also be worded "The Lost Boy" or "the lost one".

Totally awesome though: I think vampires are in style all year long.

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I think it's timeless.. unless you want to submit in time for twilight's next showing?

great job on this! looks awesome/clever

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then it shall be subbed...

on tumblr I got a lot of complaints about calling nosferatu "the knockoff". anyone think it should be changed?

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Is "The Mom" Morticia from the Addams Family? I don't fully recognize get that one nor the Southern Gentleman nor the Werewolf Hunter, but I'm honestly not to keen on my vampire lore.

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the mom is from the munsters. Southern gentleman is bill from True Blood and Werewolf hunter is selene from underworld.

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I agree: small sparkles around Ed, name change for Kiefer, you might change Nosfy's name as well...something with 'classic' in the name. This is great, btw.

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I like the sparkles idea but then the name would be redundant and a new name for Nosferatu please... And this is amazing

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thanks dudes. yea... everyone is upset with nosferatus name, but its true, he was a rip off of the dracula novel.


Hahahaha awesome

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