Zero Tolerance :|

This is what I'm working on now:

1 - first place
2 - two birds with one stone
3 - three musketeers
4 - four eyes
5 - five o'clock shadow
6 -sixth sense (throwback to the 7 ate 9 joke)
7 - lucky number seven
8 - ball
9 - cloud nine
0 - zero tolerance

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I like the idea of all ten numbers with their respective cliches/idioms/etc -

my suggestion is you anthropomorphize all the numbers (e.g. the four should be wearing the glasses instead of them just hanging there...)


Thanks Nathan! I did want to have some variety, with a few inanimate objects, one with text and some and some anthropomorphized.


I'm thinking about changing up some of these... any suggestions

the 1? 3 blind mice? fantastic 4? 9 cats/lives?


Eh..i think its good the way it is. I thought 2 was two turtle doves, but two turtle doves with one stone is even better. :)

My only issue is the large black type on white shirt.. just kinda harsh, like the wearer is a giant keypad. Maybe some light pastel colors would help to soften the look. Just an idea.


i didn't even think about doing one from that christmas song! maybe 5 golden rings?

I'll try out some different color combos once the design is about done. thanks!


thanks you two! I was thinking about pulling "zero tolerance" out of scoring, but i'll just wait to see how it does by itself.


zero tolerance is up :D


still working on this...

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