Them Birds dandingeroz x badbasilisk collaboration! 3.8 average score thanks guys!!!!!

"Them Birds" thanks to LMNOP for the title

thanks guys

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Haha. Don't know much about Angry Birds, but I'm a huge Hitchcock fan and would definitely buy this.Awesome work. Not sure I have a great title for you. Hitchcock was known for making cameos in his movies so maybe call it Cameo in the Park, or And So It Begins.

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Them Birds


Deym, I want this so bad!

'Meet the creator' 'This is when HE got the inspiration for THAT book'

eQuivalent profile pic Alumni

don't be angry to me... ;P

reags profile pic Alumni

LOL awesome work you two!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

If you use 'The Birds', and it prints, Threadless might have to change it (to avoid copyright). It's the original name for the film: something like "Them Birds" or "For the Birds" might be better.


Awesome work! You guys should have also submitted an optional grayscale version, I loved the first one with no colors, the joke had more impact then, when you slowly figured it out.

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Spoiler blog material fo' sure

jaypaulo profile pic Alumni

So good!!


Guys, this is seriously awesome:)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Badbasilisk always collabs for high scores, it's a well known fact :)

Congrats again gents on an amazing design, a sky-high score and the inevitable print for this.

And congrats us for being able to wear it soon!


I logged in to my account here in Threadless just to score your awesome design.

Galing pre! Would like to collab with you sometime...

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