speaking of cake...


alright, so who thinks this is just pretty much one of the neatest cakes ever? My fiance is reading about it and, well the rice krispie feet sold me on it.

Angelito, will you make me one?!?!?

Watch this

haha Im gonna try one of thoes..
wont work though..
but still It would be fun =D


woah i didnt realize they were that big..mabey a MUCH smaller version I will try haha


that cake is cool, you should vote for my slogans


haha i've seen those receipes lookpolish! :P


One of the nurses at the hospital where I work is looking for an excuse to make that cake and bring it in. I hope she doesn't know when my birthday is.

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deb made it once. and blogged about it.

and I remembered.

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